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My opinion on each Touhou game

I am bored so I decided to share this.
These are *MY* opinions of each Touhou game. If you disagree, well... bad luck =]


Highly Responsive to Prayers

  • Haven't played

Story of Eastern Wonderland

  • Haven't played

Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Similar to Flower View
  • Artificial Intelligence is almost cheating

Lotus Land Story

  • Fantastic music
  • Relatively easy
  • Power and points drop way too quickly-can't get a lot
  • Nice characters

Mystic Square

  • The fact that Alice appears is awesome :)
  • The best PC-98 music ever created
  • A bit hard


Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

  • Good soundtrack
  • Quite hard
  • Unique characters
  • The maid... >=|
  • Interesting story

Perfect Cherry Blossom

  • Easy
  • Best soundtrack EVER!!!
  • Amazing (back)story
  • First appearance of my favourite character, Youmu Konpaku
  • Yukari should have completely different spells to Ran, If you can easily beat Ran Yukari becomes way too easy
  • My favourite game

Imperishable Night

  • Really happy about the fact that its based one of my favourite childhood stories, Kaguya-hime.
  • Great game for beginners (Deathbomb and Spellpractice)
  • Great soundtrack
  • Good design (the design on the right side with all the lives, bombs, points, grazes etc)

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

  • Music not as impressive but still good
  • I don't like the AI... cheaters
  • Return of Yuuka Kazami impressed me
  • Unique Gamestyle

Mountain of Faith

  • Good soundtrack
  • EPIC story (GREAT SUWA WAR!!!!)
  • Terrible drawing...
  • Marisa B is overpowered by unfocused

Subterranean Animism

  • Drawing improved slightly
  • Imba soundtrack
  • LOL story
  • Good backstory for Koishi

Undefined Fantastic Object

  • Much better drawing
  • Fantastic story
  • So hard...
  • Not 'entirely' happy with the music

Ten Desires

  • Wowzers soundtrack.
  • Trance mode is unique
  • No death bomb is sad
  • Very very very very easy
  • Huge drawing improvement


Immaterial and Missing Power

  • Not as fun as other fighting games
  • Overall I don't like it, Yukari damn lags my computer
  • At least it has awesome music

Shoot the Bullet

  • Not much to say

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

  • Better than IaMP
  • Terrific soundtrack
  • Easy
  • Hilarious story
  • Good moveset

Touhou Hisoutensoku

  • Terrific Soundtrack
  • Marisa is annoying

Double Spoiler

  • Not much to say

Fairy Wars

  • Cirno!!!!!
  • Hard
  • Requires wise use of spells, so its very hard
  • Music is ok

ChocolateLily 10:59, August 24, 2011 (UTC)

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