• Artificial Child

    Hello Touhou Wiki!

    November 1, 2010 by Artificial Child

    Hello! I'm fairly new to this... so I'm apologizing in advance for any trouble...
    Anyway I'm going to tell you a bit about my self.
    first off, You can call me Rojo or any other name you guys come up with.
    My First Touhou Game was Touhou 6, I'm not the best at Bullet Hell Games like this.(Lost at Cirno on easy my first time) I almost Quit, but the Music kept me going. Eventually I fell in love with it and it's my most played Game Series now.
    I love The Remixes IOSYS makes. :D
    Favourite Touhou game is either Imperishable Night or Subterranean Animism.
    Favourite Fangame is Touhou Mother
    Favourite Song is Either Flight of the Bamboo Cutter~ Lunatic Princess or Fall of Fall~ Autumnal Waterfall.
    Favourite Remix is Artificial Children, as shown by my U…

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