• Another Red

    Blog:I'm an idiot.

    July 10, 2010 by Another Red

    Yeaaah, I should play the games or look at fanon more often to get clear detail, 'cause I usually end up with unclear information. I coulda' sworn that in the Monologue of Perfect Memento of Strict Sense it said that Akyuu could remember best what she wrote down. Heh, well, I have horrible memory and reading interpretation. So, I guess it's normal. Ah well. Seems that I took the some lines in there the wrong way. And Gengetsu's wings look transparent in her portrait, but were white in her sprite. Maybe transparency couldn't be supported for the PC series? And ZUN had to stick with white? Than again, he coulda' just used a lighter color of the background to use for the wings and just stuck with white 'cause he wanted them to be that way. Ei…

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