• 神秘!結界の巫女 (Arcane! Shrine Maiden of Barriers)
    Reimu Hakurei
Playable Character
  • 恐怖!学校の魔法使い (Horror! Magician of the School)
    Marisa Kirisame
Playable Character
  • 驚愕!長身の入道使い (Astonishing! The Tall Nyudou Handler)
    Ichirin Kumoi
Playable Character
  • 極速!ライダー僧侶 (Extreme Speed! The Rider Monk)
    Byakuren Hijiri
Playable Character; Futo Scenario and Miko Scenario Final Boss
  • 番町!皿を割る尸解仙 (Banchou! The Plate-Breaking Shikaisen)
    Mononobe no Futo
Playable Character; Kokoro Scenario Penultimate Boss
Playable Character; Ichirin Scenario, Byakuren Scenario, Kokoro Scenario, and Sumireko Scenario Final Boss
  • 太古!三畳紀の河童 (Bizarre! The Fiend of the Two-Colored Mantle)
    Nitori Kawashiro
Playable Character; Occult Boss
  • 本怖!貴方の後ろにいるよ (Real Horror! Standing Right Behind You)
    Koishi Komeiji
Playable Character; Occult Boss
Playable Character; Kasen Scenario and Shinmyoumaru Scenario Penultimate Boss; Nitori Scenario Final Boss
  • 戦慄せよ!悪夢の能面女 (Shiver! The Noh Mask Woman of Nightmares)
    Hata no Kokoro
Playable Character; Occult Boss
Playable Character; Byakuren Scenario, Futo Scenario, Nitori Scenario, and Sumireko Scenario Penultimate Boss
Playable Character; Ichirin Scenario and Miko Scenario Penultimate Boss
  • 思欲せよ!願いを叶える仙人 (Covet! The Hermit Who Grants Wishes)
    Kasen Ibaraki
Playable Character; Penultimate Boss
  • 深秘を曝け!秘封倶楽部 初代会長 (Expose the Esoteric! The Secret Sealing Club's First President)
    Sumireko Usami
Playable Character (Unlockable); Final Boss
Playable character (PS4 version only)

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