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Hello again, outside world. It is I, Rinnosuke Morichika, here to give you another taste of my thoughts.If you have read the Chapter 27 I wrote, you’d find as if nothing more was to be said. However, after long consideration I’ve decided to educate you in the outside world by providing you basic knowledge of Gensokyo. I am not talking mere observations like Akyuu’s work but an in-depth lecture on Gensokyo itself.

For one, you may all know what spell cards are but do you know what goes into making them? Or how exactly a youkai achieves human form? These questions and more will be answered in future installments. Firstly, let’s talk about the basics you’ll need to understand before we continue. In all, Kourinence is simply the folk beliefs in Gensokyo mixed with my own eccentricity and understanding. If you wish to practice Kourinence in your own way, you must follow these five steps.

1. Pursue knowledge in all aspects of life.

2. Research daily on many different topics.

3. Discuss topics.

4. Never insult others because they are wrong but simply counter their arguments.

5. Absorb all the information you gather and come to your own conclusion on it.

Discussion is key when it comes to Kourinence even though most of mine comes from simple observation and research; it is good for you to consult others on what you think. By accumulating then diffusing the knowledge you should be able to find the truth on the subject. As for me, I know enough by my decades of research but love learning new things and know I don’t know everything. Such as many of the things Yukari has taught me have put different perspectives on things. Which brings you, my readers, to the next section in which the five beliefs are explained. They are:

1. Be open about all your beliefs.

2. That the supernatural and the paranormal are hidden from the eyes of normal humans.

3. Never care only about yourself nor think you know everything, be humble.

4. That everyone and everything is connected.

5. That anyone can learn great truths if they try to.

It is vital that the beliefs and basic are followed if you plan to attempt Kourinence in your own life. If you can’t follow these basics then you will simply fail at trying to understand greater truths. You may think you know them but it’ll only be a half-truth. For one can only be wise if they understand what being wise truly is. Kourinence in its basic sense should teach those of the outside world not only truths behind Gensokyo but how to live their own lives in harmony in this world.

Perhaps that sounds a bit cultish in some sense but by no way should it be taking as such. Just as one shouldn't think Zen Buddhism isn't a way of life. Nor that because I'm given an average role as a non-combatent in my own book that I don't know how to fight. I choose not to fight for you should all know that I am a lover of peace. Was it not said by a famous samurai that he had great power with the hope of never using it? That aside, I will know explain the five goals an individual besides myself should trying achieving with Kouriance.

1. An understand of yourself and the greater hidden truths of the world.

2. Harmony with your own life.

3. Harmony and closeness with others.

4. Educating the ignorant.

5. Peacefulness.

You may notice that this article is split into three sections with 5 guidelines in each section. Can you connect the numerical meaning? Call it your first test in Kouriance. Anyway, expect more from me on monthly updates as I'm in college now and its very busy. However, I'm not giving up on you humans of the outside world anytime soon.

  • The title is a parody of Popular Science[1] but I'm more focused on the Folklore magic science~

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