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土はぬかるみ、氷で覆われた大地から有象無象が目覚める。The masses began to awake from the muddy earth covered in water.
The bit of snow that had covered Gensokyo had sealed away the earth spirits that had awakened in the winter, and was still enough to slow the movements of the fairies once more. But soon, this gentle season of sleep, too, would come to an end.
博麗神社。人里離れた辺境の地に建つ神社である。 The Hakurei shrine. A shrine that stood on a plot of land removed some ways from the human village.
The Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei, heard an unusual rumor from a magician living in the forest.
The rumor was of sightings of a strange ship being seen through breaks in the clouds, flying through the sky. People said the ship seemed to be going back and forth, like it was searching for something.
 Marisa " ... they say that ship is the treasure ship of the Seven Gods of Luck, so if you can catch it you'll live free for the rest of your life. So they say it's trying to run away from greedy people."
  霊夢 「そんな馬鹿みたいな噂を信じているの?」 Reimu "Do you really believe that kind of stupid rumor?"
森に住む魔法使い、霧雨魔理沙は眉をひそめた。 The magician that lived in the forest, Marisa Kirisame, frowned at her.
 Marisa "Of course not, what are you talking about? If it were true, you'd be able to see it really easily from the shrine."
  霊夢 「宝船ねぇ」 Reimu "A treasure ship, huh?"
 Marisa "Rumors like this keep popping up ever since the harvests failed last year thanks to that weird weather we had. People wanna leave their troubles to god, or at least to someone else."
  霊夢 「宝船ねぇ。
 Reimu "A treasure ship ... one of the world's mysteries, loaded up with jewels and precious metals."
 Marisa "That's right. They say the Seven Gods of Luck ride in it, too."
  霊夢 「宝船ねぇ」 Reimu "A treasure ship ... "
  魔理沙「うむ……」 Marisa "Umm ... "
霊夢と魔理沙の会話はそこで途切れてしまった。 Reimu and Marisa's conversation was suddenly interrupted there.
火のない所に煙は立たない。 Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Someone who saw something strange floating in the sky would probably end up spreading rumors about a treasure ship, whether there really was one or not.
It seemed the two weren't going to learn anything else from each other at this rate. What broke their silence was a visitor from the mountain.
  早苗 「あら、おかしいですわね。
 Sanae "Well, that's strange. I can't believe you're still here."
最近、新しく山に来た人間、東風谷早苗である。 It was Sanae Kochiya, the human who had appeared on the mountain recently.
  霊夢 「珍しい顔ね。
 Reimu "Well, fancy seeing you down here. You want something?"
  早苗 「大した用では無いんですけど……。
 Sanae "Well, nothing terribly important ... Haven't you found that ship flying in the sky yet, Miss Reimu? I was sure you would have already started looking for it."
霊夢と魔理沙は顔を見合わせた。 Reimu and Marisa exchanged a look.
  霊夢 「空に浮かぶ船だって!?」 Reimu "A ship flying through the sky!?"
  早苗 「私はその船にちょっと用事がありまして、少しでも情報
 Sanae "I've been looking for it myself, so I was trying to see if anyone knew anything about it ... "
  霊夢 「え? ちょっ」 Reimu "Huh? Wait a ... "
  魔理沙「空飛ぶ船の話って本当だったのか?」 Marisa "You mean the stories about that flying ship were true?"
  早苗 「え? 知らなかったんですか?
 Sanae "Hm? You didn't know? But it's so eye-catching ... "
早苗は何をいまさらといった表情で空を指さした。 Sanae aimed for the skies once more, wondering why the other two were still so surprised.
霊夢と魔理沙の二人はつられて上を向く。 Reimu and Marisa watched her as she rose above them.
そこには、見たこともない大きな黒い影が雲の間に消えようとしていた。 Up in the skies, a great, black shadow, the likes of which they'd never seen before, seemed just about to disappear behind a break in the clouds.
船の影で青空が薄まり、心なしか雲が紫色に見えた。 The blue of the sky seemed to be weakened by the ship's shadow, and the clouds seemed to turn a purple color.
  ――中はがらんとしていた。 ——Inside, it was completely deserted.
Its various treasures had been lost long ago, and the only thing left was the smell of eight hundred years of mold.
  春の冷たい風だけでは、黴びの臭いを吹き飛ばすのに十分ではない。 That moldy smell couldn't be blown away by only the cold winds of spring.
However, even if its ally's remaining jewels were split into pieces, they probably wouldn't lose their power.
  その破片を全て集めることが出来ればあるいは……。 If you could find all of those pieces, then perhaps ... ...

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