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○東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

 Extra Afterword

                 上海アリス幻樂団長 ZUN

 ま、空の旅を楽しんでくださいまし。個人的に今回お気に入りな箇所が 多いです。

Heeey. Just as always, I don't have any time to write-
Well, I hope you'll enjoy the air travel. There's lots of things I particularly like this time around.
Normal aside, isn't the extra really difficult?
Well, I think if you can get past the lasers ...

 もっとも、ドラクエを最後にやったのが5なんで、これから本当にやる かどうかは不明。

If only I'd had a little more time, I could have made some more adjustments, or played some DQ- (hey!)
Still, since the last DQ game I played was 5, who knows if I'll really play the new ones.


 ZUN (After I submit the master today, I think I'll shut myself up in a house in the mountains)

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