This page is about a prominent Subterranean Animism player who has thoroughly concealed their identity behind a multitude of nicknames, including "#unknown", "unknown#", "UnKnown", "U.N.None", "#unexist", " " (blank), "Nekomimy", and the most recent one, "tongrentang". There is no information whatsoever that would help to determine whether this player is a known Touhou veteran or just a very experienced newcomer. Ironically, it fits the idea of such name perfectly.

UnKnown is famous for being the first player to thoroughly "break" Subterranean Animism's scoring system, achieving over 240 million on stages 1—3 of Lunatic mode within just two days after the release of the trial version 0.01. Tracking the player's subsequent doings on trial and full versions was proven to be easy thanks to him/her being consistent with the scoring strategies and ever increasing results, despite the odd name changing pattern.

UnKnown's replays are characterized by several discerning factors, helping identify them with 100% accuracy:

  • the signed player name either being unique, or a variation on one of the previous names;
  • using Reimu-A and playing on Lunatic mode exclusively;
  • showcasing incredibly risky grazing maneuvers while having near-flawless control over the character;
  • abusing all known safespots with great confidence;
  • introducing major improvements to the previous scoring routes;
  • collecting 10k+ more graze points than any other player on a given difficulty mode with every new replay submitted, and beating the previous scores by a sizeable amount;
  • the current best score is often voluntarily removed from the scoreboard, sometimes signifying that a new version is in the works.

On 2008/10/30, UnKnown's current best Lunatic score of 3.58 billion was improved by AM to 3.64 billion.

Notable player records

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Subterranean Animism Lunatic Reimu-A 3,584,163,540 (#6) 2008/09/28 71547 graze points.

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