USK (sometimes written as USK, with the Greek kappa letter substituted for the K) is a Touhou player mainly specializing in Easy and Normal modes of Mountain of Faith. He is famous for optimizing some of the Easy mode replays to such extent where, as he has put it, "further improvement depends on luck from this point on". Ironically, all of them have since been improved several times due to new strategic discoveries made by prolific MoF players, such as coa, BOx, LYX, players from LyRa team, and USK himself.

In mid-2009 USK stopped his competitive activities. His last MoF replay uploaded on Royalflare is Easy/Reimu-C 1.54 billion, beaten by coa shortly after its submission.

Notable player scores

Game Mode Character Score Date Notes
Mountain of Faith Easy Reimu-A 1,529,597,830 (#2) 2008/12/18
Easy Reimu-B 1,549,076,820 (#2) 2009/01/20
Easy Reimu-C 1,541,801,610 (#2) 2009/05/03
Easy Marisa-A 1,456,095,140 (#3) 2008/04/26
Easy Marisa-B 1,511,794,830 (#3) 2008/08/03
Normal Reimu-A 1,583,171,680 (#5) 2008/03/19
Normal Reimu-B 1,638,379,450 (#3) 2008/11/30
Normal Reimu-C 1,597,444,770 (#2) 2008/05/23

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