鳥船遺跡 ~ Trojan Green Asteroid
Group Team Shanghai Alice
Released 2012-04-30 (COMIC1☆6)
# of Tracks 10
Website Site
鳥船遺跡 ~ Trojan Green Asteroid (Torifune Iseki ~ Trojan Green Asteroid) - Ruins of Torifune ~ Trojan Green Asteroid
Running Length
Catalog No.


Cosmic and hard music collection performed by Shanghai Alice Illusionary Band, Part 6

  • 01. 衛星トリフネ (04:34)
    • Satellite Torifune
  • 02. トロヤ群の密林 (04:29)
    • Trojan Asteroid Jungle
  • 05. 天鳥船神社 (03:46)
    • Ame no Torifune Shrine
  • 08. 天鳥船神社の結界 (04:52)
    • The Barrier of Ame no Torifune Shrine
  • 10. 宇宙に浮かぶ幻想郷 (04:01)
    • The Gensokyo That Floats in Outer Space


Trojan Green Asteroid: Story (Not Yet Translated)

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