Touhoumon World Link is a hack of Pokemon Emerald created by Aichiya Sanae.

The current Version is '1.293' and is located here. It was made available on August 1st, 2011.

It features new Touhou characters that were in the old games, and feature ones from the previous game, also, vocaloids can be caught in this, even though they're rare. This game also features a song house.


  • Soon to Come


Some obvious changes from the original pokémon games:

  • 'Miko Orbs' are pokéballs
  • 'Boneka' is the new word for pokémon
  • 'iDollDex' is what was once the pokéDex

Bonéka Forms

Where Name will be the variable name of a Bonéka.

  • Chibi Form
    • CName
    • This is the weakest form for most Bonéka that you come in contact with. There are only a few that don't have this form.
  • Normal Form
    • Name
  • Ex Form
  • EName
  • Advent Form
    • AName
    • The Advent form is the alternative evolution line of a Chibi. Instead of it going to normal, it can go to this one instead. This is just as strong as the Ex form, however, it will not be able to learn a signature move.
  • Final Form
    • FName
    • Final Form is another alternative evolution of a Chibi. They have the same strength as the Ex form. They are the opposite of an Advent in that they will not learn any moves except a signature move.
      • You can reach this form b using a Moon Stone
  • DarkEx Form
    • DEName
  • You can get this form by trading a Normal Bonéka.
  • Last Word Form
    • LName
    • This is considered the strongest form a Bonéka can reach. You can reach it by trading Ex Forms of certain Bonéka.
    • Dark Last Word Form
      • DLName
  • Special Forms
    • Swim Suit
      • SSName
      • Use a water stone on an EX Form


  • Soon to Come


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