Touhoumax888 - The Embodiment of Sonic.exe is a fangame/parody game of Touhou - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, as the name might suggest. It's a vertical-scrolling shooter that plays exactly like in a regular Touhou game, with the addition of some new features to it.

The game is based on a YouTuber known as MasterMax888, who is well known for playing creepypasta games. Playing as MasterMax888 (the leader of the Great Legion), LuigiKid (an ordinary plumber), RiskRim (the creepypasta hunter) or MrDragonboy96, you must get through 6 difficult stages and put Sonic.exe's plans out of commission.


This game features 4 different playable characters to choose from, each one with their unique Spell Card. Even though the characters are all balanced, they have different stats for power, range, number of lives and spells. MasterMax888 and LuigiKid play exactly like Reimu type A and Marisa type B from EoSD, respectively. Max has 3 lives and 3 bombs, while LuigiKid has 4 lives and 2 bombs. In the other hand, RiskRim and MrDragonboy96 have their own moves. RiskRim is the close combat type of character, as he has a wider range horizontally and a disadvantage vertically, due to the fact that his secondary shots quickly disappear. MrDragonboy has the widest range of all the characters as his secondary shots can penetrate enemies and destroy them with ease. His gameplay style is very similar to Marisa type C from Mountain of Faith, as he's able to focus his secondary shots in one position by focusing.


During a peaceful summer, MasterMax888's friends went missing all of a sudden. One week later, Sonic.exe sent him a message telling that he had kidnapped them to get his revenge for being humiliated after his last defeat. He plans to sacrifice them to gather immortality and world domination power by using the energy of the Sacred Emerald of the Great Legion. Max doesn't hesitate and goes after him, with the intention of sealing him once and for all. Noticing Max's left, LuigiKid gets a bad feeling about Sonic.exe's message and goes after Max in order to assist him, followed by MrDragonboy96 and RiskRim.

Not much is known about the game's story as it's still in development

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