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Helper Keine
Touhoudex 2 HKeine
Types Reason/Heart
Species History Touhoumon
Touhou Dex #317
Location Route 38
Ability Inner Focus
Egg Groups Humanshape/Ground
Effort yield 1 HP, 2 SpD
Touhoudex Entry

ちしきを ひとに つたえるのを いきがいと しており こどもたちが だいすき。


She is a half beast and will transform during the full moon. She will headbutt you if you do not pay attention in class.

Base Stats
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd Total
100 60 90 75 115 70 510
Effort Yield
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
1 0 0 0 2 0
Level-Up Moves
Level Move Type
1 Swords Dance Steel
1 Night Shade Ghost
1 Recover Illusion
1 Hidden Power Illusion
1 Sleep Talk Illusion
1 Charge Heart
1 Mirror Coat Heart
1 Mystic Water Water
1 Wish Shinto
1 Skill Swap Reason
1 Luster Purge Reason
33 Mana Burst Reason
36 Psych Up Reason
39 Block Dream
42 Iron Defense Steel
46 Extrasensory Shinto
50 Calm Mind Shinto
54 Skill Swap Reason
58 Luster Purge Reason

Egg Moves

Triple Kick
Tension Kick
Future Sight
TM/HM Compatibility
TM Move
No.3 Water Pulse
No.4 Mana Charge
No.6 Toxic
No.10 Bride Study
No.11 Sunny Day
No.16 Light Screen
No.17 Protect
No.20 Safeguard
No.27 Return
No.29 Psychic
No.30 Shadow Ball
No.31 Brick Break
No.32 Double Team
No.33 Reflect
No.37 Sandstorm
No.39 Rock Tomb
No.42 Facade
No.44 Rest
HM Move
No.5 Flash
Base Form
Touhoudex 2 Chibi Keine
Chibi Keine
Level 32
Final Evolution
Touhoudex 2 Keine
Reason Steel
Heart Stone(R)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 AKeine
Beast Earth
Heart Stone(G)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 HKeine
Reason Heart
Heart Stone(B)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 DKeine
Beast Earth

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