Chibi Yuyuko
Touhoudex Chibi Yuyuko 2
Type Ghost
Species Noble Ghost Touhoumon
Touhou Dex #92
Location Bonéka Tower

(5th, 6th and 7th floor)

Ability Levitate
Egg Groups Humanshape/Chaos
Effort yield 2 SpA
Touhoudex Entry



Yuyuko is carefree ghost. What she does is eat food and sleep.

Base Stats
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd Total
80 55 50 95 55 65 400
Effort Yield
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
0 0 0 2 0 0
Level-Up Moves
Level Move Type
1 Lick Ghost
5 Night Shade Ghost
10 Yawn Illusion
15 Confuse Ray Ghost
20 Magical Leaf Nature
25 Mega Drain Nature
30 Mist Ice
35 Shadow Hit Ghost

Egg Moves

TM/HM Compatibility
TM Move
TM06 Toxic
TM08 Curse
TM13 Ice Beam
TM14 Blizzard
TM17 Detect
TM19 Giga Drain
TM22 Solarbeam
TM27 Return
TM29 Mana Burst
TM30 Shadow Ball
TM32 Double Team
TM41 Will-O-Wisp
TM43 Secret Power
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM50 Mind Bomb
HM Move
HM1 Cut
Base Form
Touhoudex 2 Chibi Yuyuko
Chibi Yuyuko
Level 38
Final Evolution
Touhoudex 2 Yuyuko
Ghost Nature
Heart Stone(B)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 DYuyuko
Ghost Nature
Heart Stone(R)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 AYuyuko
Rainbow Shard
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 Yuyuko-A
Steel Nature

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