Chibi Nitori
Touhoudex 2 Chibi Nitori
Type Water
Species Kappa Touhoumon
Touhou Dex #86
Location Many fishing spots
Abilities Swift Swim or Rain Dish
Egg Groups  ???/???
Effort yield 1 SpA
Touhoudex Entry



A kappa who lives in the Youkai Mountain. Her shyness makes her run away from humans as soon as she sees them.

Base Stats
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd Total
45 50 55 85 75 60 370
Effort Yield
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
0 0 0 1 0 0
Level-Up Moves
Level Move Type
1 Bubble Water
5 Recycle Water
9 Aqua Jet Water
13 Batt. Charge Wind
17 Shock Wave Wind
21 Whirlpool Water
25 Rapid Spin Miasma
29 Camouflage Illusion

Egg Moves

TM/HM Compatibility
TM Move
03 Water Pulse
13 Ice Beam
14 Blizzard
16 Light Screen
17 Detect
18 Rain Dance
24 Thunderbolt
25 Thunder
27 Return
32 Double Team
33 Reflect
43 Secret Power
44 Rest
45 Attract
49 Snatch
HM Move
03 Surf
07 Waterfall
Base Form
Touhoudex 2 Chibi Nitori
Chibi Nitori
Level 32
Final Evolution
Touhoudex 2 Nitori
Water Wind
Heart Stone(R)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 ANitori
Water Wind
Heart Stone(P)
Stone Evolution
Touhoudex 2 TNitori
Water Wind

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