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EX Cirno
Touhoudex EX Cirno
Types Ice/Water
Species Fairy Touhoumon
Touhou Dex #15
Location Not avaliable
Abilities Vital Spirit or Water Veil
Egg Groups Humanshape/Fairy
Effort yield 3 SpA
Touhoudex Entry

つよい ちからを もった ようせい。 くうきちゅうの すいぶんを いっしゅんで こおらせる


A fairy possessing great power. Able to freeze the moisture in the air in an instant.

Base Stats
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd Total
85 70 80 120 50 95 500
Effort Yield
HP Atk Def SpA SpD Spd
0 0 0 3 0 0
Level-Up Moves
Level Move
1 Tackle
1 Growl
11 Icicle Fall
15 Defense Curl
20 Ice Ball
25 Hail
30 Ice Beam
35 Double-Edge
42 Endure
49 Amnesia
56 Blizzard
63 Sheer Cold

Egg Moves

Icy Wind
Hydro Pump
Sweet Kiss
Air Cutter
Mach Punch
TM/HM Compatibility
TM Move
No.3 Water Pulse
No.5 Roar
No.6 Toxic
No.7 Hail
No.10 Bride Study
No.11 Sunny Day
No.12 Taunt
No.13 Ice Beam
No.14 Blizzard
No.17 Protect
No.27 Return
No.28 Dig
No.31 Brick Break
No.32 Double Team
No.41 SonicBoom
No.42 Facade
No.44 Rest
No.47 Steel Wing
No.48 Outrage
No.49 Snatch
HM Move
No.3 Surf

Base Form
Touhoudex Chibi Cirno
Chibi Cirno
Level 18
First Evolution
Touhoudex Cirno
Level 36
Second Evolution
Touhoudex EX Cirno
EX Cirno
Ice Water
Sun stone
First Evolution
Touhoudex Advent Cirno
Advent Cirno
Ice Steel

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