Disclaimer: I have not tested all of them, some I assume are the same as in Firered.

Advent Immune to secondary effects from attacks
Arena Trap Prevents the opponent from switching or fleeing
Battle Armor Can't be critically hit
Blaze Boosts fire-type moves when below 1/3rd health
Cacophony Immune to sound-based moves
Chlorophyll Doubles speed in sunlight
Cold Wave Heat and cold protection
Color Change Changes type to the type of the attack that last hit the touhou
Concentrate Accuracy increased by 30% (multiplicative)
Curse Cycle Draining HP injures instead
Cute Charm Might attract enemies that come in contact with it
Damp Prevents self-destruction
Diva Raises wild touhou encounter rate
Doll Powers up with Doll Master
Doll Master Powers up with Doll
Doll Wall Damages enemies that come in contact with it
Drizzle Summons rain upon entering battle
Drought Summons sunlight upon entering battle
Early Bird Awakens quickly from sleep
Flame Body Might burn enemies that come in contact with it
Flash Fire Increases damage done with fire type moves if hit by fire
Forecast Changes type with the weather
Gatekeeper Can't be forced to switch or flee
Guts Increases attack if under the effect of any status ailment
Hakurei Miko Prevents stat reduction
Hi Strength Prevents opponents from lowering attack stat
Hourai Removes any status effect when switching out
Huge Power Doubles attack
Immunity Immune to poison
Infectious Might inflict a random status ailment when hit
Inner Focus Immune to flinching
Insanity Increases power at the cost of accuracy
Insomnia Immune to sleep
Intimidate Lowers the foe's attack upon entering battle
Jealousy Lowers wild touhou encounter rate
Keen Eye Immune to accuracy reduction
Levitate Immune to ground moves
Lightning Rod Electric attacks automatically target this touhou
Limber Immune to paralysis
Magma Armor Immune to freeze
Magnet Pull Prevents steel-types from switching or fleeing
Marvel Shell Increases defense when inflicted with a status ailment
Oblivious Prevents attraction
Overgrow Increases the damage of grass moves if below 1/3rd health
Own Tempo Immune to confusion
Pick Up Randomly pick up items after battle
Poison Body Might inflict poison that come in contact with it
Poltergeist Immune to sound-based moves
Pressure Increases opponents pp usage
Pure Power Doubles attack
Rain Dish Heals 1/16th of max health every turn in rain
Run Away Will always succeed in fleeing
Sand Stream Summons a sandstorm upon entering battle
Sand Veil Raises avoidance in sandstorm
Scarlet Sky Negates weather effects
Serene Grace Doubles the chance of secondary effects (like flinching)
Shadow Tag Prevents the opponent from switching or fleeing
Shed Skin Might recover from status ailments at the end of the turn
Shell Armor Cannot be critically hit
Speed Boost Raises speed at the end of every turn
Static Paralyzes on contact
Sticky Hold Prevents item theft
Sturdy Immune to 1HKO moves
Swarm Increases the damage of bug moves if below 1/3rd health
Swift Swim Raises speed in rain
Synchronize Inflicts the opponent with any status effect inflicted on itself
Torrent Increases the damage of water moves if below 1/3rd health
Trace Copies the foe's ability
Truant Can only move 1 out of every 2 rounds
Unconscious Negates weather effects
Vital Spirit Immune to sleep
Volt Absorb Converts electric attacks into HP
Water Abosrb Converts water attacks into HP
Water Veil Immune to burn
Wonder Guard Immune to all direct damage except super effective hits

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