東方てるりん物語 (romanized Touhou Terurin Monogatari) is a fanmade video story revolving around Kaguya and Eirin (with Suika being the cover girl while 'Girls are preparing'). The video is made with images with animation and has 6 episodes (First and last episode contain one part while the rest contain 2 parts.)


(possible spoilers have been added and hidden)

Episode 1: The story starts with Kaguya proposing a holiday for all in Eientei. However, Eirin refuses because of her work and her willingness to protect Kaguya. After that, Kaguya calls for Tewi and Reisen to talk. She also gave them both a bag of konpeitou(a japanese sugar candy). Along with that, Kaguya mentions a story about being told and Reisen mentions her being left off at the part of 'A mad scientist that kidnaps the beautiful princess,' which is a joke story (which embarrasses Eirin) made by Kaguya about Eirin and her. Kaguya relates the konpeitou to the 'stars that were shining beautifully.' Kaguya tells the part with the princess (referring to herself) weeping as she knew she would never return to the moon. The 'mad scientist' (referring to Eirin) said that she would destroy all that pains the princess and protect her as well. She begged her to stop crying with a kiss. However, before Kaguya mentions 'kiss' Eirin dashes and covers her mouth from saying it. Kaguya then teases Eirin if she wanted a kiss. Eirin panics and calls Kaguya a liar as back then, Kaguya's teeth were hurting. Kaguya then pretends to cry and says that Eirin was lying about protecting her just to steal her lips and threatens to tell the Tengu all that didn't happen. (With Aya sneezing at Momiji at a scene, and stating she smelled a front page headline while Momiji screams her face rotting.) Eirin then gives up and acknowledges the break for Eientei and later on gets angry because of it.

Episode 2 (Part 1) Untranslated
Episode 2 (Part 2) Untranslated
Episode 3 (Part 1) Untranslated
Episode 3 (Part 2) Untranslated
Episode 4? (Part 1) Untranslated
Episode 4? (Part 2) Untranslated
Episode 5 (Part 1) Untranslated
Episode 5 (Part 2) Untranslated
Conclusion Untranslated

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