The maid who serves Shinki.
She can freely manipulate knives, but not time.
Fiercely counters half-hearted shots.

Cost: 32000

Base Statistics

Power Technique Reactions High Balls Low Balls Dribble Speed Dribble Cost Recovery
14 11 7 10 10 15 30 10

Skills Statistics

Punch Catch Jump VS Dribbles VS Shots Guts
Lv1 35 30 40 60 40 762
Lv32 75 67 77 100 77 948

Border of Death

  • Easiest/Quickest way to activate:
    • Doll of Sorrow successfully scores a goal
  • Effects:
    • Recovery rate +20 (total +40)
    • Shoot +40 (total +60)

Special Techniques

Name Guts Type Strength Power Critical (%) Notes
Doll of Sorrow 200 Special Save 30 80 0 If caught, counters with a special, no-decay shot


  • She's pretty much the rarest character in the game. Out of 4 playthroughs, I saw her for hire ONCE.
  • Be careful with her special save: If the opposing GK is good, you'll just be giving the ball back to the other team.
  • As the GK in Alice's Scenario's 3rd match, her presence is a huge threat to your team. Do not give her a chance to use her special save unless you are far ahead (that means not using Alice's special shot), but simply try to 1v1 her. Success rate will be low, but it's better than giving your opponent a free goal, and if she simply punches the ball away there will be a short window of opportunity where her goalpost will be empty.

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