The Guardian Deity of the East and SGGK.
Possesses the ability to stop all kinds of shots.
She doesn't have a single weak point.

Cost: 44400

Base Statistics

Power Technique Reactions High Balls Low Balls Dribble Speed Dribble Cost Recovery
14 16 17 9 9 13 30 10

Skills Statistics

Punch Catch Jump VS Dribbles VS Shots Guts
Lv1 45 40 50 45 50 666
Lv32 88 80 90 88 93 914

Border of Death

  • Easiest/Quickest way to activate:
    • Be knocked away by opponent's shot
    • Fail to save opponent's shot (breaks through net, hits goalpost, etc.)
    • Ran or Chen are knocked away
  • Effects:
    • Lasts very long and activates very easily; activates almost every game

Special Techniques

Name Guts Type Strength Power Critical (%) Notes
Quadruple Barrier 200 Special Save 20 20 25 -
Saigyou Barrier 240 All-Area Save 40 40 25 Yuyuko


  • Her own special save isn't much, even when backed by her decently high stats.
  • Her combination save with Yuyuko, on the other hand, is considerably better. Extremely high powered shots like Fantasy Heaven, Master Blade or Twilight Spark are basically required to get past her.

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