The legendary Super Shooting Player.
He is entirely wrapped in mystery...which is best left undone.
His consecutive bankruptcies force him to move his shop repeatedly.

Cost: 65535

Base Statistics

Power Technique Reactions High Balls Low Balls Dribble Speed Dribble Cost Recovery
25 21 26 35 31 32 30 20

Skills Statistics

Dribble Pass Shoot Tackle Intercept Block Trap Clear Fake Challenge Guts
Lv1 40 1 38 41 38 38 49 4 42 34 999
Lv32 90 35 91 91 88 88 102 38 95 84 1216
Lv99 254 118 272 255 252 252 283 121 276 248 1685

Border of Death

  • Easiest/Quickest way to activate:
    • Play aggressively.
    • More likely to happen against stronger opponents.
  • Effects
    • Speed maxes out at 128. Threatens to break sound barrier.
    • Lasts longer than most characters, around 10 minutes.

Special Techniques

Name Guts Type Strength Power Critical (%) Knock Away (%) Decay/Distance Notes
Combination Play With Tokiko 480 Ground Shot 100 100 20 100 30 100% Knock Away, Unbalancing effect


  • Statwise, a worthy final boss for all three scenarios. He has no techniques for the most part, but his base stats are broken, especially considering that he is at least 15 levels above the player's team most of the time.
  • Never pass the ball over him, or even around him. This holds especially true in the final match in Main Scenario and Lilies' sub-scenario, where he gets a bonus to automatic interceptions amongst other things. If he gets the ball anyways, shower him with Danmaku, as otherwise only Sakuya and Cirno has a chance at getting the ball off him most of the time.

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