A turtle that lives at the Hakurei Shrine.
Has the ability to fly, but ever since
Reimu learned how to fly, he hasn't shown up at all...

Cost: 12800

Base Statistics

Power Technique Reactions High Balls Low Balls Dribble Speed Dribble Cost Recovery
22 1 20 15 15 13 20 14

Skills Statistics

Punch Catch Jump VS Dribbles VS Shots Guts
Lv1 20 40 40 55 65 920
Lv32 51 83 80 95 105 1044

Border of Death

  • Easiest/Quickest way to activate:
    • N/A
  • Effects:
    • N/A

Special Techniques



  • He's kind of like Suika, with decently high stats but no special saves.
  • Note that his catch stat is actually stronger than his punch stat.

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