The Scarlet Devil Scarlet Moons' strongest and craziest secret weapon.
Her ablity to destroy anything and everything augments her attacks.
Only her real form has customized spellcards.

Cost: 38000

Base Statistics

Power Technique Reactions High Balls Low Balls Dribble Speed Dribble Cost Recovery
20 3 8 23 23 24 30 13

Skills Statistics

Dribble Pass Shoot Tackle Intercept Block Trap Clear Fake Challenge Guts
Lv1 29 12 31 28 9 9 23 8 8 26 644
Lv32 72 46 81 71 43 43 57 42 45 60 830
Lv99 205 129 245 204 126 126 140 125 145 143 1232

Border of Death

  • Easiest/Quickest way to activate:
    • Keep the ball with her for a long time.
    • Use her to intecept or tackle often.
  • Effects:
    • Speed x3
    • All Skill Statistics +10 (Total +30)
    • Recovery +20 (Total +40)

Special Techniques

Name Guts Type Strength Power Critical (%) Knock Away (%) Decay/Distance Notes
16-clawed Flame Wall 320 Air Shot 55 60 0 80 1 -
Starbow Break 200 Ground Shot 25 15 0 25 10 -
Transylvania 440 Air Shot 105 70 5 90 15

Scarlet Sisters Subscenario 3
Travel: Lv. 20

And Then There Were None 50 Special Dribble 10 - 0 150 - -
Lävaetain 120 Special Tackle 15 - 95 - - -


  • Extremely fearsome offensive stats, with amazing dribbling, shooting and speed, and affinity for aerial balls. She's no slouch in defending, either, with her tackling stat.
  • Although she's a monster offensively, you don't want to encounter defenders with her in general; her special dribble is fairly poor, and her passing leaves much to be desired.
  • Lävaetain isn't a bad tackle, with its high critical rate, but you probably want to conserve her guts more for her shots, so don't overuse it.
  • It's nearly a waste to put her as anything but a center forward, where her 16-clawed Flame Wall will score loads against all but the SGGKs, and even then has a special combination shot that can punch through their defenses. Her ground options are relatively limited compared to her aerial ones, but despite Starbow Break's weak power, her crazy shooting stats mean that it's stronger than most other ground shots anyway.
  • Unless you're facing either SGGK and need a goal desperately, don't bother with Transylvania; 16-clawed Flame Wall and Master of the Red Sun will get you twice as many goals for 66% of the guts. Also note that if you do want to use Transylvania, it has an extremely high decay rate (especially compared to 16-clawed Flame Wall), so try to use it only in the 6-yard box.
  • If you really need to, she can also work fine on the wing with her good speed, although you'd have to make sure every ball you pass is a cross (passed from the wings to a forward in the penalty zone). She'd also make a good option for a far post centering coming from the other wing.
  • Her Border of Death is absolutely brutal and should guarantee you a goal as long as you can get the ball to her; with Fast Break on, she can literally cross the entire field in 4 movements. It's also in your best interests to get it activated at some point to augment her above-average recovery and heal enough guts for another 16-clawed Flame Wall or a couple of Starbow Breaks.
  • Just for the sake of trivia, here's a brief description of her aerial shot, 16-clawed Flame Wall: a remix of her theme (U. N. Owen Was Her?) plays while the crystals on her wings erupt into light beams. Following this is a picture of Flandre, with seven energy beams sprouting from each wing and one energy sword in each hand, a maniacal expression on her face. She raises her swords to strike...and what comes then is more or less a fiery, chaotic confusion of energy beams and balls, but the two counters on the screen suggest she hits the ball 10,000 times within one second before hurling it at the opponent.

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