The fairy that supervises Cirno.
Average as a goalkeeper, but her special technique is strong.
Her guts consumption and ability are reasonably efficient.

Cost: 12800

Base Statistics

Power Technique Reactions High Balls Low Balls Dribble Speed Dribble Cost Recovery
7 13 11 11 11 19 30 20

Skills Statistics

Punch Catch Jump VS Dribbles VS Shots Guts
Lv1 25 20 30 35 40 424
Lv32 65 57 67 75 80 641

Border of Death

  • Easiest/Quickest way to activate:
    • Challenged to 1-on-1
  • Effects:
    • Recovery rate +20 (total +40)

Special Techniques

Name Guts Type Strength Power Critical (%) Notes
Rolling Save 160 Special Save 30 15 33 -


  • The differences between her and the Lilys aren't worth mentioning, so just take your pick for a solid early-mid game GK.

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