Touhou Soccer Moushuuden is a sequel to Touhou Soccer that expands on the original game by adding various new features. It includes the original game's Main Scenario mode, and adds sub-scenarios for a number of characters in which you can unlock new moves. It also features Campaign Mode, a 25-game mode focused on building your own team by buying players and items; and All-Star Mode, where you can play exhibition matches against the AI or other players.


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This game provides hilarity among fans for several reasons. First of all, several players' shots look like they could destroy the stadium and kill the audience. Mima's Twilight Spark, in particular, looks more like Armaggedon than a soccer shot. Eirin destroys the Apollo 13 space station (Houston, we have a nurse...) during her shot of the same name, while Youmu carves the name of her attack on the Moon before cleaving the Moon in half, all for no apparent reason, not to mention there are very few shots that actually involve kicking the ball. There is also (tongue-in-cheek) debate on how a seemingly normal soccer ball can withstand so much punishment (10,000 rapid blade strikes by Flandre, all within 1 sec). General consensus is that the ball has been imbued with Hourai elixir.

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