As the name says this is a page for Matsuri multiplayer. This page was created for the use of the community members who have Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri and wish to play online. After spending hours gathering all the links need for the games I entered the lobby of fly network only to see I was the only player there and when I try to join Hamachi networks it keeps asking me to become a paid member before I can do anything so I decided that I would give you guys the all the link I spent hours finding so we can all play Sky Arena together ok here we go

Touhou Sky Arena -

Part 2 -

Touhou Sky Arena Hayate ( A patch for Touhou Sky Arena) -

Touhou Sky Aren Kurenai -

Part 2 -

Note: You need 7-zip to extract both Kurenai Archives, a simple google search will get it to you

Patch to bring Kurenai to V1.58 -

Ok now after downloading and extracting those Make sure both games are installed in one folder and that you applied the patches for each file (All the files are in Japanese but you should be able to do it if your used to patching games etc.)

Ok now that thats done you need Matsuri 1.58 -

Before apply this patch go to your installation folder in which you installed Touhou Sky Arena (You should have applied the Hayate patch by this stage) and change the name of the execution file named TSA, the new name should be TSA_H

Now apply the Matsuri patch (Again its in jappanese but you should be able to work around it if your used to patching games). Now for me after trying to apply this patch I thought it wasn't working because I didn't see any files being written but after opening the game I saw that it was now Matsuri so I guess it worked.

Now that everything is done you can run the game, be sure to do it using TSA_H this is the name of the execution file in the original Touhou Sky Arena game folder.

I will leave finding your way around the Japanese menu to you (Its not hard)

Sign up for multiplayer here - then use this account to log in from the game

As I said earlier hamachi keeps asking me to become a member when I try to do anything so I hope we can rely on the fly-network servers but if anyone has an alternative solution please feel free to post it

PS: None of those links were uploaded by me meaning if you have problems with them, I can't fix them but I can atleast say that they all worked when I downloaded them 2 days ago

Now please play the game, I need someone to play online with, you guys can go ahead and post your username in the comments if you want.

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