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Touhou Sky Arena: Tension Bar Maker was made by MaestroAlvis in response to the fact that Tension Bars for Touhou Sky Arena had to be made in a text editor. The intention of the Tension Bar Maker was to give users a GUI interface to make the process of making tension bars more conducive. It also gives instant feedback on how the tension bar conforms to the rules of tension bars.


The program is designed to be flexible, not requiring the user to do anything, and self explanatory, the main interface looking like a tension bar. For this reason a formal tutorial has not been written. However, changes in the interface are accompanied by an explanatory picture of the program.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is a jar file? I've never heard of this file type. How can I trust that this won't rape my computer? A: A jar file (in this case an executable jar file), is a way of packaging Java programs for other people to use. Have you played Minecraft? If so, you've used a jar file too. As for how you can trust me? Well, java programs can't write to files without being given permission, so my program can't do anything to your computer without letting you know. Regardless, in the end it will still come down to my word against your opinion, which is a choice you'll just have to make. If you have any idea who I can make the program more trustworthy, I would really like to know.

Q: Did you forget Normal Tension? A: No, left clicking toggles an area between the selected tension and normal tension. This is to save people from having to click all over the place.

Q: Whats going on with the maximum time on Climax and Finale Tension? A: Climax and Finale tension can share up to 10% of the song's length. When none of each is present, the maximums say that you could fill 10% of the song with each type. However, as you add one type of tension, you lower the total amount that could be devoted to the other. Therefore adding one type of tension changes the maximum of the other.

Q: What is the .1 Rule and the Leading Finale Rule? A: These are two cases in a tension bar that, while not illegal under TSA's rules, create undesirable effects. The .1 Rule says that any tension started earlier then .1 seconds into the song (0) will be ignored. Therefore if you place a point at 0 seconds, you are wasting your time because any associated tension will not be appear. The Leading Finale Rule says that when Finale Tension (CF), is created without Climax Tension (CT) in front of it, the Finale Tension will not happen. I have heard that this was fixed in the Hayate Patch, but if your like me, and never got that patch to work, this is a handy alert.

Q: Why can't I place Tension between the start of the song and my created point? A: Honestly, it was more convenient for me not to let you. However, due to the .1 Rule you wouldn't like the results anyway.

Q: My program is acting crazy! What do I do? A: You might be experiencing a bug, it's a good thing... sorta. Note what's going on and then post the issue. I'm the only one testing this program and it's hard for me not to know how to avoid messing it up, so it's very possible that I miss a lot of bugs.

Future Plans and Change Log

The program has reached the level of functionality that was originally intended, so any future plans would be done only by serious requests or MaestroAlvis's renewed interest.

Input boxes accept time in a mm:ss format and convert to seconds. <-- DONE as of v1.1

Check up on and implement what the deal is with tension starting at .1 seconds. <-- DONE as of v1.1

Unravel the mystery of finale tension. <-- DONE as of v1.1

An actual layout. <-- DONE as of v1.2

Working Menu Bar. <-- DONE as of v1.2

Error Report in Generated Text. <-- DONE as of v1.3

Comprehensive tutorial where the rules of each tension are explained.

Working Save and Load Feature.

Zoom feature on tension bar (might not be helpful).

Play songs within the program.


Version v1.3

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