Other than the mini-games, there are a lot of other features in this game. All of these features can be accessed from the menu screen.


The wallet in the menu will transport you into Kourindou. Rinnosuke will sell you 2 things. Songs that you can play in the jukebox, and two photos. You can purchase these items with points earned from mini-games. To unlock the items: for songs A, you must beat the mini-game in which the song is featured in with at least a Bronze. for songs B, the same as above, but on Hard mode. for the 2 photos, Clear the Rhythm Carnival with a Gold or Silver medal. The first photo requires all Easy mini-games completed with a Silver rank The second photo requires all Hard mini-games completed with a Silver rank Songs A always cost 200 points while Songs B cost 300. Price of the photos is 1000 points.


The rolls of film on the desk will transport you to the gallery where you can view pictures. Pictures can be unlocked in two ways: Beating the mini-game in which the song is featured in There are 2 photos that are brought from Kourindou. There are 2 pictures for each mini-game and they're unlocked by earning either a bronze/silver/gold medal. (bronze getting the first picture, while silver and gold getting both)


The record player on top of the shelf transports you to the music menu. You automatically have 3 songs available and they are The Title theme The Main menu theme Kourindou theme Other songs are unlocked by purchasing them. The credits theme is unlocked by viewing the credits. If you select a song and exit the jukebox, that chosen song will keep playing until you Go to Kourindou Play a mini-game select other songs in the Jukebox


There's 2 ways you can access the options. The first is by the title screen where "option" is underneath "Start" and the second is through the handheld game device on the floor in the main menu. Depending on how you access the options menu, the design will be different. If you access it from the title screen, then you will have the options in a plain font with the background changed (on the title screen, it shows the Scarlet Devil Mansion at morning, but in the options, it will show the mansion at nighttime.) If you access it from the main menu (the handheld), then the design resembles 8-bit and it is Kappa themed. The background is a checker pattern with the colours orange and yellow. In the options menu, you can adjust the following: BGM: You can adjust the volume of the music from 0~100 SE: You can adjust the volume of sound effects from 0~100 Tutorial: This will control whether or not the tutorial pages will show up before the minigames. You can switch this from Auto, On or Off. Auto:The tutorial for the mini-game is shown until you receive a bronze. After that, it will never show up again. On: The tutorial is always on Off: The tutorial is always off KeyConfig: This option is for assigning keys for a joypad. To assign keys for the keyboard, there is a separate program that comes with the game. Exit: go back to the Main menu or Title screen.Alternatively, you can use the B button.


The clock hanging on the wall on top of the desk will transport you to the timing menu. In this feature, you can adjust the timing between the music and the cues. By default, it is 0 ms, but you may change it if your system is having difficulties.


The bed will exit the game. Alternatively, you can manually close the program.


This feature is unlocked by completing the remix. The board hanging on the wall between the table and the clock will transport you to the credits.


Moving the window during a mini game will freeze the game, but not the music. The game give the gold medal if the player makes no mistake. So, if the player grabs the window before any mistake, and releases it at the end of the song, he earn a gold medal. However, the window has to be released BEFORE the result screen, else, the game will stay in the mini game without music. The player is still able to leave with the Quit option in the Pause menu.

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