Touhou Rhythm Carnival ~ Kurenai is about moving with the beat of the music.

There are a total of 15 minigames including the remix. Each have their own different mechanic and have a normal and hard mode. The hard mode is unlocked by beating the normal mode with at least a bronze. Completing certain mini-games will unlock more. The mini-games also award you points in which you can use to spend in the shop. The points depend on the difficulty mode and which rank you receive.

  • No rank on both Normal and Hard = 0 points.
  • Bronze rank (OK) on:

-Normal = 50 points

-Hard = 100 points.

  • Silver rank (Superb) on:

-Normal = 100 points

-Hard = 200 points.

  • Gold rank (Perfect) on:

-Normal = 200 points

-Hard = 400 points.

Unlike the original Rhythm Heaven games, perfect mode is available immediately and will never disappear. To beat perfect, you must make no mistakes on the mini-game. If you do, you can come back and try it again. After the evaluation (where it tells you if you've gotten a Try Again, Ok, Superb, or Perfect), you'll be awarded with a picture depending on your rank. The picture for Try Again and Ok are the same, but the Try Again rank will not give you the picture. The Superb and Perfect pictures are the same and they will both award you the picture. Here are a list of the mini-games, starting from the first on the list (Not going by order of unlock, because different mini-games unlock others and sometimes a combination is required.)If there is a (?) next to the mini-game name, then it's unknown.

Minigame List

  • Packun Rumia (ぱっくんルーミア)

This resembles the Karate Man or the Packing Pests mini-game in the Rhythm Heaven series, but has it's own mechanics. You play as Rumia as she eats apples with the A button and dodges kedamas with the B button. It's very simple. The apples immediately appear, but the kedamas appear in the bushes before charging at Rumia. You will miss: if the apples or kedamas hit Rumia on the head, Rumia eats a kedama, or if you dodge an apple. Timing for apples is 1 beat after hearing the launch sound. Kedamas will squeak for a beat, then squeak and launch the same as an apple.There is a few ticking sounds before the apples/kedama come out in the very beginning.

Tempo(for cues) is approximately 130 BPM in Normal mode.

Tempo is approximately 140 BPM in Hard mode. Some kedamas will launch on an upbeat.

  • Apparition Squadron Is That So~ (妖魔戦隊ソウナノカ~)

This closely resembles the Clappy Trio mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku. You play as Rumia with Cirno and Daiyousei accompanying you. Cirno will strike a pose, then Daiyousei, then you press the A button to strike the pose (the same pose Rumia is famous for). The time where Rumia poses depends on Cirno and Daiyousei. If Cirno poses and after 1 second Daiyousei poses, then Rumia should pose 1 second after Daiyousei. If you fail, Cirno and Daiyousei will look sad and the background will change into a dark, gloomy background. Tempo ≈ 145 BPM in both modes.

  • Hop! Step! Dai Jump! (ほっぷ!すてっぷ!大ジャンプ!!)

This closely resembles the Rabbit Jump mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku. You play as Daiyousei as she jumps on icebergs and slides on ice roads. This game only uses the A button. Tap A to hop on an iceberg and hold A to slide on the road and release A at the ramp. If you fail, then Daiyousei will slip, but still move on to the next iceberg.

Normal tempo ≈ 130 BPM

Hard tempo ≈ 150 BPM

  • Frost K (フロストK)

This closely resembles the Show Time mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku You play as Cirno as she freezes frogs. You use the A button to freeze the frog in mid-air. The ice will take a while to form, so you have to press A as the frog jumps from the last lily pad. This game works just like the Show Time mini-game as in there are three types of frogs and they have different speeds. Green frogs are normal, Black frogs are slow, and Red frogs are fast. You can actually rely on visuals in this mini-game. When the frog is on the last lily-pad, and crouches (as if to jump) then press A a beat after. Audio-wise, the frogs go in this rhythm "dot dot dot A". If you fail, the frogs hop on Cirno's face. At the end as the screen fades, a huge frog will appear and Cirno will point at it and have a look of determination. The same frog appears in the picture after the evaluation.

Normal tempo ≈ 140 BPM

Hard tempo ≈ 150 BPM

  • Close Call Misuzu (美鈴危機一髪)

This closely resembles the Magician mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku You play as the sleeping Meiling as she sleep-dodges knives. You use the A button to dodge the knives. The knives will appear in a circle around Meiling at a rhythm, and by copying that rhythm, Meiling dodges the knives without fail. If you do fail, the knives will hit Meiling's head.

Normal tempo ≈ 120 BPM

Hard tempo ≈ 130 BPM

  • Scarlet Devil Mansion Defensive Battlefront (紅魔館防衛戦線)

This resembles the Dr.Bacteria mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku, but uses different mechanics. You play as the awake Meiling as she guards the Scarlet Devil Mansion from kedamas. You use the arrow keys to kick in the direction the kedamas come from. The rhythm for this one is: dot dot A. The kedamas will appear, roll two times, and immediately attack. Near the end (Near the middle in Hard), the kedamas will come even as another kedama appears. If you fail, the kedamas tackle Meiling.

Tempo ≈ 180 BPM

  • The Great Library Organize (整理整頓大図書館)

This doesn't resemble any mini-game in the Rhythm Tengoku series. You play as Koakuma as she puts the books back on the bookshelf. You use the A button as Koakuma reaches the empty spot to put the book in. This game is simple to do visually and audio-wise. If you fail, Koakuma will drop the book on the floor. In Normal mode, there are magic familiars in front of Koakuma and around the hole to help you visually. In Hard mode, there are no magic familiars (because you should've mastered the music by then).

Normal Tempo ≈ 132 BPM

Hard Tempo ≈ 140 BPM

  • ChantRebeat

This closely resembles the Quiz Game in Rhythm Tengoku. You play as Patchouli with Koakuma supporting you. You use the directional buttons to activate the crystals in their respective locations. This mini-game is more of a memory game than a rhythm game (you're not punished if you don't follow the rhythm precisely, so long as you input the correct crystal order given). If you fail or the time runs out (each sequences only have 8 beats), then the crystal does not activate and Patchouli and Koakuma are saddened. In Hard, some sequences ends directly when repeat mode is activated (end at downbeat, counted as 9 beats)

  • Holiday of the Scarlet Devil (紅魔の休日)

This closely resembles the Fillbots mini-game in Rhythm Heaven. You play as Sakuya as she fills the cups of the Fairy Maids. You press and hold the A button to fill the cup, and release once the cup has been filled around the red line. Rhythm-wise, it resembles Fillbots. The fairies appear with 3 beats, and you press A on the 4th. The normal fairy maids have 4 beat, small fairy maids have 2 beats, and the larger fairy maids have 8 beats. Around the middle of the mini-game, the beat becomes off-beat, so do be careful. If you fail, then the fairies leave, disappointed, and Sakuya sighs. In Hard, the fairies appear even while you're filling the cup before theirs. Sometimes the fairies even overlap, so relying on visuals become near-impossible.

  • Maidsweeper

This mini-game uses it's own mechanics. You play as Sakuya as she goes through the hallway eliminating the Kedamas. You press the A button after Sakuya stops time to throw knives. The amount of times you press the A button depend on the number of Kedamas. This game is a bit difficult to learn, but easy to master. When Sakuya stops time, the ting sound is the first beat and you must press the A button in eighth beat intervals. If you fail, instead of a knife, a different cooking utensil appears (like a ladle).

Normal ≈ 148 BPM

Hard ≈ 160 BPM

  • Remilia Pose (レミリアポーズ)

This mini-game resembles the Freeze Frame mini-game in Rhythm Heaven, but uses it's own mechanics. You play as Remilia as she poses for Aya's pictures. This game uses 2 buttons: A for posing to the back, and B for posing to the front. Aya will appear in either in the bushes in the front, or in the bushes at the back. The bush shakes when Aya is going to appear, so visuals are required. The rhythm of this game is that Remillia must pose an eighth-beat after Aya appears. When the bush shakes, Aya will appear a beat after, so the whole thing takes about 2 and a half beats. If you are too early, Aya will not take a picture. If you are too late, Remillia will be taken by surprise from Aya's camera flash.

Normal ≈ 120 BPM

Hard ≈ 128 BPM, Bushes shake even while Aya is on the other side.

  • Scarlet Score "Scarlet Beat" (紅譜「スカーレットビート」)

This mini-game uses it's own mechanics. You play as Aya as she engages in a spellcard battle with Remilia. This game uses 2 buttons: A for a quick dodge, and B for a long dodge. Remillia will fire two types of danmaku towards you: normal bullet danmaku and laser danmaku. Use the A button for the former, and the B button for the latter. The bullets will, most of the time, go at a normal beat, so press the A button with the beat and you should be able to dodge them easily. The laser will first appear as a thin line that does not damage you for 4 beats. After the 4 beats, the laser will thicken, so hold the B button for another 3 beats and release on the 4th beat. After a while, there will be WARNING signs appearing with two sounds. One of the WARNING signs beep at the beat of the song, and the danmaku is the same as the bullet danmaku, so use the A button. The other WARNING sign beeps rapidly(eighth notes) and it is the same as the laser danmaku. The danmaku that comes after the WARNING sign are no different than the normal danmaku. After a while, some extra danmaku will appear, but they will not hurt you and they are there for decoration. However, this will make it very difficult if you are relying on visual aids. Failing to dodge will cost Aya a life and some P items will fall.

Normal tempo ≈ 180 BPM

Hard tempo ≈ 120 BPM for the first half, 200 BPM the second half.

  • Flandre March (フランドールマーチ)

This bears similarities to the Tap Troupe mini-game in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the Marcher mini-game in Rhythm Tengoku. You play as the Flandre on the far right of the screen and march together to the beat. Pressing the A button will make her raise her right foot and any directional button will raise her left foot. You will always initially step-off using the right foot. Don't be confused that "her right foot" is on the left side when seen from the player's view. During the course of the march, Patchouli will squeak instructions which will alter the rhythmic input. These include:

「普通に!」 "Normally!" (Red): The alternating rhythm you start with. It's a simple 1, 2, 3, 4. Patchy squeaks 4 times.

「ゆっくり!」 "Slowly!" (Yellow): You will have to hold the steps for an extra beat to appear that you're marching slower. Think of it as 1, rest, 3, rest. Patchy squeaks 2 times.

「休みつつ!」 "While resting!" (Blue): This one is like a mix of Slowly and Normally. You step once, hold it for a beat, then step twice normally and repeat. It goes like 1, rest, 3, 4. Patchy squeaks 3 times.

「全体止まれ!」 "Company HALT!"(Purple): This one requires the B button. You will have to do this at the end of either mode and halfway through Hard mode. You'll hear a few whistles beforehand.

Normal ≈ 140 BPM

Hard ≈ 150 then 160 BPM

  • Certain Kill! Lævateinn (必殺!レーヴァテイン)

You play as Aya as she dodges Flandre's Lævateinn. You will need to press the A button to dodge right as Flan swings. Flan will typically prep her attack for 1 beat, then swing on the next. She also has two alternate attacks which are announced above her head. They are:

「スピードアップ!」 "Speed up!": Flan won't prep an attack, but will immediately swing consecutively. There are 2 warning beeps that are on upbeats.

「3連続!」 "3 Consecutive!": Flan will attack 3 times in quick succession. There is a single warning beep on a downbeat, followed by 3 attacks the following beat. These three attacks are eight notes.

Normal ≈ 170 BPM

Hard ≈ 185~190 BPM There are a lot more strings of "3 Consecutive!" & "Speed Up!"s, as well as a couple sneaky attacks.

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