The characters from this game are originally from the 6th official game, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil; including Gensokyo's resident reporter, Aya Shameimaru:

  • Aya Shameimaru

Aya Shameimaru is Gensokyo's resident reporter. She sets out to make a good batch of stories for her article. When she saw the Scarlet Devil Mansion pass by, she decides to pay a visit.

  • Rumia

Rumia is a youkai that manapulates darkness. She wears a ribbon that is an amulet which she can't touch (so can't take it off). She doesn't react with sunlight and heat she dislikes.

  • Daiyousei

Daiyousei is a greater fairy who lives around the lake around the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Like other fairies, she is cheerful and mischievous, simple and emotional.

  • Cirno

Cirno is an ice fairy. Her favorite hobby is freezing frogs, and then watching them revive as they fall in the water.

  • Hong Meiling

Hong Meiling is known as the youkai gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Meiling's job is to prevent intruders from entering the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Her relationship with Remilia is friendly. She seems to be sleeping alot on the job.

  • Koakuma

Koakuma is a little devil at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is the library assistant of the Scarlet Devil Mansion Library. She also suports Patchouli due to the asthma Patchouli had when she was born.

  • Patchouli Knowledge

Patchouli is a very smart, asthmatic librarian at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She spends most of the time in the library reading books. Patchouli has writen all of the books, plus she has water-proof books that Marisa finds interesting. Her illness was caused arsenic and mercury, which was she used alot of magic spells.

  • Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya is the chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is known to manapulate time and space. When she stops time, Sakuya places knives in the air and then resumes the time, allowing the knives to fly toward her target. If she happens to run out of knives, she can stop the time to pick up the previous knives she threw.

  • Remilia Scarlet

Remilia Scarlet is known as the owner and head mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is the boss of Sakuya and Meiling, Patchouli's friend, and Flandre's older sister (and guardian). Remilia's weakness is sunlight and rain (like all vampire's). She also has a European apperance like Flandre. She was born in 1502 A.D.

  • Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet is the dirty little secret of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and Remilia's younger sister. Her powers are more destructive than Remilia's (that's why she is locked in the basement for nearly 500 years). Flandre was born in 1507 A.D.

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