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Utsuho Reiuji


Utsuho av. 1

Frist avatar

Assist Ability

Overdrive - Increases critical rate. Max level 10. Increases critical rate by 1% per level.

Gift Likes

Ball of Yarn, Jewel

Starting Stats

HP: 74

SP: 65

REC: 58

SPD: 2

ATK: 60

HIT: 41

DOD: 21


Dream Events

Event: Expert at Work

Lv Required: 80

Enemy: Nitori at Mid Range

Pair A: Orin

Pair B:

Assist Points Awarded: 80

Event: The End of Nuclear Fusion?

Lv Required: 240

Enemy: Patchouli at Mid Range

Pair A:

Pair B:

Assist Points Awarded: 240

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