Reimu Hakurei

Assist Ability: Hakurei Economizer - Reduces spellcard cost by 1% per level. Max LV 20.

Starting Stats:

HP: 85

SP: 35

REC: 25

SPD: 12

ATK: 44

HIT: 42

DOD: 35

Type: Balanced

Recommended Slot Placement: Mid-Range

Notes: Reimu has some decent Stats without many weaknesses. She is an attacker, healer, and good assister all rolled into one. Choose a role that works for you and stick with it making the proper Stat adjustments; it's bad to try to do all of these roles at once! For Stats adjustments, balance is key!

Marisa Kirisame

Assist Ability: Max Power - Increases damage of critical hits by 1% per level. Max LV 20.

Starting Stats:

HP: 51

SP: 55

REC: 54

SPD: 8

ATK: 56

HIT: 24

DOD: 33

Type: Nuker

Recommended Slot Placement: Far-Range

Notes: Marisa is an amazing attacker; that is if she hits. Your biggest battle with her is actaully hitting her target and staying alive, but when she does, she wreaks havoc on opponents. She also has a decent muti Atk Buff and single target SP transferring spells. Her SP recovery is phenomenal, so don't be afraid to use high SP spells, especially if your assistance is a SP conserver. She's slow, so be careful when you decide to deal with enemies. That said, SPD,HIT,DOD, and HP equipment are highly desired.

Sakuya Izayoi

Assist Ability: Gordian Knot - Increases hit rate of close attacks by 1% per level. Max LV 10.

Starting Stats:

HP: 72

SP: 57

REC: 17

SPD: 14

ATK: 48

HIT: 39

DOD: 56

Type: Hybrid

Recommended Slot Placement: 1st priority,Close-Range 2nd Priority, Mid-Range

Notes: She has some great high hitting cards and even has a card that increases both HIT and DOD ; but with a cost of an abysmal REC. She can even hit anyone if you put her close without losing too much HIT or ATK. This makes her very versatile. If you can overcome her REC problem, then she's a great addition to your team!

Aya Syameimaru

Assist Ability: Hurricane Runner - Increases SP by 1% per level after a successful dodge. Max LV 5.

Starting Stats:

HP: 62

SP: 42

REC: 40

SPD: 20

ATK: 28

HIT: 37

DOD: 60

Type: Dodger/Finisher

Recommended Slot Placement: 1st priority,Far-Range 2nd priority, Mid-Range

Notes: Aya with her spellcard and DOD Stat, no one can touch her. If you are using her as a fighter, then you are using her wrong. She's there to survive if someone takes both of your active party members out and you have your trump card (no pun intended) waiting for you. The most she can do is finish off your enemy if they have low hp and your nukes have too low of a HIT to defeat them before they switch. She's much more tactical than the other girls, so it's up to you how you want to use her; if at all.

Sanae Kotiya

Assist Ability: Miracle Fruits - Restores HP 1% per level on every new turn. Max LV 5.

Starting Stats:

HP: 82

SP: 48

REC: 47

SPD: 8

ATK: 31

HIT: 46

DOD: 45

Type: Healer/Reviver

Recommended Slot Placement: Assist Slot

Notes: Sanae will save your behind too many times to count. Her assist ability is invaluable and her support spellcards are to die for. Speaking of which, if your team got wiped out, never fear; Sanae's there to heal them up! That being said, that's almost all she's good for; using her to attack is a very bad idea because of a meh ATK stat. Basically, get in and get out.

Tenshi Hinanai

Assist Ability: Extreme Endurance - Increases SP by 1% per level after being hit. Max LV 5.

Starting Stats:

HP: 109

SP: 81

REC: 38

SPD: 9

ATK: 47

HIT: 33

DOD: 22

Type: Tank

Recommended Slot Placement: 1st priority; Close-Range 2nd priority; Far-Range

Notes: A tough customer, she can dish out damage and take it, which is what she'll be doing a lot. One of her spellcards decreases damage by a % and she can deal great damage everywhere but the middle, in which case becomes meh. Her assist isn't bad, but getting hit isn't something you want happening regularly, especially if you didn't bring a healer...

Iku Nagae

Assist Ability: Sign of a Disaster - Increases hit rate of mid attacks by 1% per level . Max LV (?).

Starting Stats:

HP: 77

SP: 20

REC: 52

SPD: 13

ATK: 33

HIT: 57

DOD: 36

Type: Finisher, Cover

Recommended Slot Placement: Close Range

Notes: She has very high HIT, but a low ATK, so she's better as a finisher. She also has unusual spells where she can use a single target negate damage card or a reflecting damage spell making her not a bad support unit. Her strongest spell, does decent damage, but other than that, she won't be taking out foes any time soon...


Assist Ability: Mook Perseverance - Decreases damage taken by 1% per level. Max LV 20.

Starting Stats:

HP: 70

SP: 40

REC: 26

SPD: 8

ATK: 35

HIT: 35

DOD: 35

Type: Filler, Support

Recommended Slot Placement: Active team,

Notes: Not sporting any significant strengths or weaknesses (besides the low speed), the Kedama can be used in many situations! Mainly used as backup if out gift hunting and such, but most people would prefer any Touhou girl over him. But, if you have him, he's not a bad choice...

Nitori Kawashiro

Assist Ability: Kappa's Power Machine of Science - Increases power of mid attacks by 1% per level. Max LV (20).

Starting Stats:

HP: 68

SP: 81

REC: 38

SPD: 12

ATK: 28

HIT: 37

DOD: 41

Type: Support vs. Bosses

Recommended Slot Placement: Active team, doesn't matter where

Notes: Nitori doesn't seem like a very good character at first. Meh stats, hard to level, unimpressive attacks, and her assist ability isn't that great either. But if you take another look, Nitori has one of the best support spells in the game in Hydro Camouflage. A maxed-out Camo gives the entire squad a flat 88% DOD boost for one attack. With this, even non-reformed characters make Shinki look like a joke. It's less useful against multiple opponents, but it can still be the difference in a game of rocket tag. Build Nitori for Dodge or HP, and give her a speed booster, so she can use Camo early and often.

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