Touhou Pocket Wars casts the player themselves as the main character, who is a Touhou-obsessed otaku that gets into the Gacha craze. Occasionally dreaming about the girls and Gensokyo in general, though, their ties to Gensokyo seem to be unusually strong.

The player starts off getting gechas and gets to higher rankings. One day , he spots Ran Yakumo and Chen fixing the Great Barrier. Ran Yakumo tries to mind wipe the player when suddenly the gechas turn into familiars. The familiars helped to fan off the two Youkais and all of them were sucked into Gensokyo. The player starts helping Gensokyo to solve the mysteries that were happening.


Note : We would assume that you would be doing the "part-time work" , Visiting "Shop" (to get spell cards/more characters for battle) , "Gaming Center" ,leveling up your characters and spell cards , adding health/attack/hit/dodge and adding assist points.

Note : If the player DO NOT have 3 or more sets of Gatcha , he/she would it hard to move about in the maze as you are only able to use each team [4 gachas] once in the maze.[Except for battling with the maze's boss/escaping from the whole maze(pressing the back button) , the gachas will not be able to appear more then once in the maze.] If the player refuses to fight at that point of time , you will forfeit and exit the maze (or go back to your house if its midnight)

Note : You Only can battle in tournaments if you have 3 or more sets of gachas.

-Warned you , Spoilers Ahead , Feel Free to read the storyline-

Story Line

Note : This is based on 2.02 ENGLISH

After getting 4 gechas and achieving rank D , The player would be able to access the event "???" . When clicked , the player would start "talking" to himself about Gensokyo , he/she hid into an alleyway and laughed to prevent people from thinking that he/she is a asylum escapee. The player would hear a voice and he/she would spot Ran Yakumo and Chen repairing the Great Barrier. Ran would explain that they were investigating the gaps from the outside world. The player would think that he/she is dreaming about touhou but realized that Ran's tail were actually moving. Chen would tell Ran that they had been spotted by a human , Ran started chasing the player in order to mind wipe him/her. The player would accidentally drop their gechas , he/she would retrieve the gechas. The player would realize that ran was too close to him/her when suddenly the gechas turn into familiars and defended the player.

Note : They are level 80.

Ran and Chen were shocked that the player could use familiars , the player still thinks that this was a nightmare. Chen points out to Ran that the gap in the Great Barrier was closing , they quickly hop into the gap. The player would think that its safe but he/she was suddenly sucked into the gap of the Great Barrier.


The player wakes up in Gensokyo near Hakurei Shrine , Reimu was surprised when the player knows her name and the player starts explaining about the outside world's knowledge about Gensokyo. Reimu points out that the gap where the player came from was a crack. Reimu points out that most of the people in Gensokyo could not manipulate the borders of gaps , the player somehow was able to enter/exit from the gap. An Earthquake occurred at the shrine but nobody was injured or any properties were destroyed. Reimu states that she is going to leave to do something , the player becomes worried that he/she might become Youkai food. Reimu thinks that the player was able to help her so she brought him/her along , dragging him/her in the air.


Reimu brings the player to Heaven as she suspects Tenshi that she is creating the earthquakes again. Iku tries to explain to Reimu that Tenshi was not responsible for the earthquake. Reimu stops suspecting Tenshi and she was about to return to ground when Tenshi says that Reimu should deserve a punishment for treating Tenshi like the perpetrator and making fun of her. The player realize that Iku has already started making a wide berth of space between her and the battle field. A danmaku battle started in front of the player. Tenshi launches some danmaku which misses Reimu and nearly hits the player when his/her gechas turn into familiars again.

Iku prompts Tenshi to stop battling as further hostilities would not benefit to either side. Reimu and Tenshi were still fuming with rage , Tenshi lowered her Sword of Scarlet Perception unwillingly while the player's gatchas return to normal. Reimu brings the main character back and Iku tells reimu that something fell off the crack in the sky (most likely) before the earthquake occurred.


As Reimu and the player arrives at Hakurei Shrine , Marisa greeted Reimu by shouting at her. Apparently , Marisa wanted to talk to Reimu about something (and leech her food at the same time). Reimu introduces Marisa to you.

Marisa explains that something strange is going on in the forest and she came to tell Reimu about it. The forest's miasma when sky-high all of the sudden and Marisa cant endure. She notices that something was strange so she quickly escapes from the forest. The player points out that if there was anybody else in the forest (hiding the fact that he/she knows about Alice living in the forest) . Reimu was thinking about bringing the player along with her to find Alice. Marisa tells the player not to worry as she has some stuff that could protect the player from miasma , she passes the player a drink (protects from miasma for 12 hours) and a amulet (that allows the player to breath inside the forest) . Marisa asks the player to sit on her broom for transportation.


NOTE: Highly suggest that the player has 4 or more gachas on hand.

The player seems to be shaken by the speed that he/she is traveling on the broom. They would be attacked by monsters [rather , mushrooms]

After reaching the end of the maze , The player and the two girls would reach Alice's house. Marisa hammers to call out Alice. The door would be answered by a shanghai doll but it has not appeared yet. Marisa was keen to break the door , when suddenly you and Marisa was dragged back by Reimu , barely escaped from Alice's doll's attacks. Marisa immediately realize that something was wrong with Alice. Reimu doubts that Alice was angry at Marisa as Alice seems to be affected by miasma.

After defeating Alice , the girls brought (knocked out)Alice along and the player left the forest.

They arrive at Hakurei Shrine , revealing that the player had fell asleep during the trip . Alice became better and they planned to go to the Garden of Sun to retrieve something. The player would clean his/her gatchas as it became dirty , Alice notices them and asks if the player could lend her to examine it. Alice says that the gatchas (she calls it dolls as Gensokyo does not have gachas) seem to be emitting feelings , she states that this gachas might be artifact spirits (Tsukumogami) and has a mysterious power within this gachas.

Alice says that "In short , whether you're a normal human does not matter.All you need to think about is what kind of orders to give them. They would listen to your orders.I'm quite sure about that..."


The girls and the players arrive at the Garden of Sun (fields of flowers) , they were greeted by monster flowers. After beating the flowers , it is stated that the monster flowers attacked recklessly and they damaged the flower field.Yuuka Kazami would appear while they were talking about her and the monster flowers. Alice gives Yuuka a new umbrella that Yuuka requested. Yuuka asked about the unsightly mess that they had created. The player would suddenly shout , and Reimu asks the player to keep quiet. Marisa asks Yuuka about the monster flowers.

Yuuka explains that "she loved all types of flowers and would never do anything indecent to them , the flowers were here in the beginning.They did not suit the beauty of this field , but they did not deserve to be killed either."

Apparently , Yuuka sealed the flowers but somehow the seal was broken recently without her knowing it. Yuuka wishes an explanation about the flower fields and she wants to give them punishments. Reimu says that if the player do not protect himself/herself properly , he/she might be killed by Yuuka.

Yuuka decides to end the battle after defeating her , she immediately change back to her pleasurable and beautiful aura. Yuuka explains that there is a gap in the sky that just appeared while she was fighting , and so she stopped attacking.

Youmu was the one who popped out from from the gap and she seems to be injured. She was also wondering why she is here while being attacked by Yuyuko , she says that something was wrong in Hakugyokurou. Youmu says that a ghostly aura fell upon Hakugyokurou and Yuyuko seemed to be affected by the aura , and Youmu belives that the aura does not come from Saigyou Ayakashi.

The border that is dividing Hakugyokurou and Gensokyo into two parts were weakening , so were the other borders protecting them from the "other world(human world)". The girls pin point to the only person that can manipulate borders and gaps in Gensokyo.The girls divided among themselves into groups (that were not equal) and went to do their jobs , Yuuka asks the player to follow her to the Netherworld.


Before the player could object , Yuuka trapped the player and brought the player along with her to the netherworld. The girls and the player continued walking and met Yuyuko. The falling cherry blossoms made the player day dream and nearly touched Saigyou Ayakashi's butterflies of death. They realized that they had to seal Saigyou Ayakashi , Saigyou Ayakashi sent the butterflies to attack you.

Youmu casts her 'Sword Technique : Flashing Cherry Blossoms' and knocked out Yuyuko . Yuuka was wondering how to seal Saihyou Ayakashi when Yukari Yakumo appeared and sealing the tree before the player could say anything.

After Saigyou Ayakashi was sealed , Yuyuko woke up. Yuuka asks Yukarito if the gaps and borders that have been occurring was her doing. Yukarito declines to say anything but tells her that somebody weakened Saigyou Ayakashi's seal somehow weakened the border between netherworld and Gensoyoko. Yukari tells Yuuka that if this continues , the Great Barrier would be affected and might be destroyed. The player asks Yukari if anybody that she had seen before had the same ability to control borders. Yukari says that she had to search deep into her sea of memories. Yukari suggests to Yuuka that she should bring the player to the Emma to judge the gechas


Yuuka brings the player to Higan. Komachi tells Yuuka to be careful with the player. Yuuka wonders why Komachi is not doing her ferry duties , Komachi explains that the main office is busy and they do not have the time to ferry spirits. Komachi says that the gaps and border plobems have been occuring in Higan and Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (Shiki/Eiki) have been re-sealing evil spirits that have been set free. Komachi leaded Yuuka to the Emma.

Yuuka explains the Eiki on the situations that have been occuring , Eiki thanks you for helping them to re-seal Saigyou Ayakashi and reduce large amount of Sins that they had been committing slightly. Eiki helps you to judge the gachas(familiars).

Eiki states that the player and gatchas are not directly connected to the current incident that is happening in Gensoyoko.While Eiki was about to continue talking , Yuuka brings you back to the surface as she states that hearing Eiki's lectures annoys her. Eiki stopped her lecture as Yuuka dragged the player away from her. Komachi escorted Yukka and the player back to gensoyoko.


As soon as Komachi brings Yuuka and the player to Gensoyoko , she leaves and returns to the netherworld. Yuuka started becoming interested in your gatchas and the player promised that he/she would show Yuuka his/her new gatcha when he/she buys one when suddenly Aya and Nitori appeared. Aya passes the player a newspaper , the headline states about a hole in Gensoyoko.

Aya suddenly becomes interested in why Yuuka and a human were being together. Yuuka explains that its nothing. Nitori asks if Yuuka wanted to follow her to explore the hole. Yuuka told asks them if she could pass the player to them as she is finding the player troublesome to bring around. Nitori agreed and helped her to carry you as Yuuka returned to the flower fields(Garden of Sun).The player makes a remark about feeling like a carry-on bag. Yuuka tells the player not to forget the player's promise.

Aya started being interested in the promise and tries to make the player to fill her with information. be continued updating... Everything below this line was written by me, --CybeastFalzar 16:35, August 3, 2011 (UTC) OK, so the original author appears to have skipped out on this, so i'll take it from here. From Gensokyo's map, you enter the mysterious crack. it's a maze, so you'll need more than one team. I didn't have more than one, and had to grind. Upon entering, the player reveals that the whole time getting there, Aya has been pestering him about the promise he made to Yuka. (Yuuka = Yuka, but after playing Touhou Mother, Yuuka seems wrong) He says that he'd like to tell her to shut her up, but he knows Yuka would kill him, or something like that.


While going through the maze you hit a cutscene in which the player talks about how Nitori made him a machine that allows him to fly. He talks about how it's hard to tell if Gensokyo is technologically behind or ahead of the outside world. He also talks about how he has taken a relaxed attitude to the incident, just like the people in Gensokyo do. At this point, they see something and they ask the player what it is. You have two responses at this point. I forgot what the other one was, but if you pick "Didn't they have UFO's in 12?" they make some comments, and then you battle Rin.


After you defeat Rin, Rin apologizes and says he thought you were all a bunch of troublemaker youkai. He then says Yuugi is there too, investigating. Nitori reacts to this one with a frightened yell: "There's an o-o-oni here?" The player then remembers how the kappa were servants to the oni. At this point, Rin says she's probably there already. With that, Aya says there'll be nothing left for her paper, and she urges the player and Nitori to move faster.


Upon reaching the maze's CORRECT end, there is a cutscene where apparently, Reimu and Alice are fighting Marisa and Yuugi in a danmaku battle. Aya says this will make for a good story. Rin chimes in with a lighthearted remark: "If anyone dies, i'll be sure to carry them home!" Aya says she should ask some questions. The player comments that Aya looks more excited than Rin about this. Aya says dodging through danmaku is the best feeling there is. I (The author) think she's nuts. She then told the player, Nitori, and Rin to stay there and flew in. The player makes a comment about her changing from Peeping Mode to Close-Up mode. (I'm writing this as i advance the cutscene by the way.) The player thinks he should warn the battlers so Aya doesn't sneak pictures without them knowing. The player then comments that Aya is really something to say dodging danmaku is the best feeling there is. At this point, the player makes a wry comment saying she just beat out the egos of a lot of Touhou players. The player then says it would be difficult to explain how difficult the games with her were. He then wonders how Aya saw the combatants from their earlier position anyway. Aya apparently heard this one, because she chimes in with "It's the eye of a reporter!" The player decides it's probably better not to think about it. The player then realizes that even as he was thinking the bright lights of the battle were getting closer. the player then realized that if Aya was telling the truth... He/she didn't know who to side with! At this point, you're given a choice screen. Basically, you have to pick a side.


If you chose Reimu and Alice... i'd advise you to use a team that hits hard. Beware of Reimu's healing card! If you chose Marisa and Yuugi... TARGET MARISA FIRST. IF YOU DO NOT, HER FLAMES OF DESTRUCTION WILL CAUSE YOUR PARTY TO BE WIPED OUT. Beware of Yuugi's "My Rules" card. This card will instantly recharge ALL used spellcards on one person. It is the only spell card of its kind in the entire game. Also, beware of Marisa's "Flames of Destruction" spellcard. It increases the damage done by 20% at level 1, and hers is probably level 5 or so. DO NOT LET HER KEEP USING THIS OR YOUR PARTY WILL GET STEAMROLLERED.


OK, battle tips aside, afterwards, the player looks down and there appears to be a rock down below, which is apparently the cause of the whole thing.

At that point, Nitori asks to compare one of the player's gachas with the meteorite. The player (and everyone else) knows that it isn't a question, so the player hands one over (supposedly, there isn't any proof the player does so.)

After going back to the map and clicking on event, you run into Sanae and Suwako.

(Sanae played a somewhat comedic role in Touhou Mother. Basically, she was Samus, and Suwako was Adam, both organic and robotic. [if you don't understand, look up Metroid: Other M and Metroid Fusion])

Apparently they came to investigate the rock too. Sanae comments that this like something from a Sci-fi movie.

(Sanae came from the outside world to Gensokyo, therefore a lot of her comments are out of context with Gensokyo. Apparently, for instance, she did a 1% run of Metroid Fusion. That's pretty freaking hard, since that means she picked up NO extra powerups, AND had to use built-in hard techniques to dodge any powerups that were unnecessary, AND that means she had 99 health and the enemies do 60 per hit at the end of the game. [The SA-X takes out like 2 energy tanks, and attacking him while not taking a hit is REALLY FREAKING HARD.])

Sanae's interesting story aside, she then goes on to say if there's an alien, she should take a picture.

(Considering the size of that rock, if there's an alien inside, i ain't taking a picture, i'm calling Ness.)

Suwako then tells Sanae not to get excited, saying that she's been... and the player chimes in with: "Don't worry, Lady Suwako. It's not just you and Lady Kanako. There are a whole lot of fans in the outside crying for their MoF Sanae back."

(I think the player should shut up before his big mouth causes problems.)

So then Reimu asks Suwako how the situation is. Apparently, humans have been being teleported to Higan for no apparent reason. They then talk about the human village and how only Keine and Mokou are there now. And then Suwako says that Lady Byukaren is there. The player then chimes in with: "Oh, Lady Byakuren's appeared there? That will earn her more faith." (Again, I think the player should just shut his mouth before he gets into trouble)

Reimu and Suwako are like "......" The player apologizes, and feels them glaring daggers at him. The player decides to not talk about it with them around. (A little LATE!) (I knew the player should have shut up! Now look where it got him!)

Then they go on to discuss Yukari, because she's not here! So they decide to talk to Yuka about finding Yukari. Then Sanae remembers a potential problem...

Next, Sanae, the player, Suwako, and Orin all head to the Palace of Earth Spirits. The player is feeling mischievous here and uses their cellphone to sneak a few pictures. Then, Koishi appears, believing you attacked Satori. They then see Satori on the floor. There are burn marks around. The player realizes that Utsuho must have escaped! At this point, a battle begins!

Anyway, so Satori tells Koishi to knock it off after you beat Koishi. The player then starts fantasizing about things i'm NOT going to repeat here, because who knows who's reading this, anyway, doing it in front of Satori? The MIND READER? Bad idea. She gives him/her a look, and he/she knocks it off. So Utsuho has hit the surface at this point.

Utsuho is at the surface, and heads to probably the WORST place she could go: The Scarlet Devil Mansion. Let's see, vampire dwelling plus the equivalent of a small sun = not good.

So now the player, Sanae, and the rest of the gang head over to the SDM. When they get there, scarlet danmaku comes flying at them! After a comment something like "Hey! We're on your side!" Remilia snaps back something along the lines of, "Then you should've said so immediately, you idiot!"

After it's over (it being the gacha battle), the girls tie up Utsuho and sit down to have the SDM's cake and tea. the player is offered tea and gets two choices, but again, they don't make a difference. One of them is "I can't shake the feeling that the SDM's tea has blood in it..." Then Utsuho tries to play innocent. Really. She asks, "Why are you all having fun and eating while i'm tied up over here?

And that's all i'm writing for now.

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