Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu


- Default -

Affection: 0

Assist Ability

Palace of Truth - Reduces damage taken

Gift Likes

Flower Bunch, Magic Book

Starting Stats

HP: 45

SP: 74

REC: 46

SPD: 6

ATK: 41

HIT: 42

DOD: 46


Level 1:
-Rod of Remorse
-Wandering Sin
-Cleansed Crystal Mirror

Level 2:
-Rod of Remorse
-Guilty Or Not
-Seal of Life and Death

Level 3:
-Wandering Sin
-Guilty Or Not
-Bar of the Ten Kings

Level 4:
-Cleansed Crystal Mirror
-Seal of Life and Death
-Guiding Lecture

Dream events

Event: The Emna Is Coming

Lv Required: Lv 100

Enemy: 2 Will-o-Wisps @ Close and Far Range, Orin Kaenbyou @ Mid Range

Pair A: Komachi Onozuka

Pair B: None

Assist Points Rewarded: 100

Event: The Cherry Blossoms That Must Not Bloom

Lv Required Lv 260

Enemy: Youmu Konpaku @ Close Range

Pair A: None

Pair B: None

Assist Points Rewarded: 260

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