Sanae Kochiya


- Default -

Affection: 0

- King's Game -

King's Game Lv. 1 King's Game Lv. 2 King's Game Lv. 3
SanaeKG1 SanaeKG2 SanaeKG3
Affection: 0 Affection: 0 Affection: 0

- Extra -

SchoolGirl Reimu's Outfit Idol
SANAE Schoolgirloutfit SanaeREIMUOUTFIT SanaeIdolOutfir
Affection: 300 Affection: 200 Affection: 500

Gift Likes

Chocolate, Electronic Product

Assist Ability

Miracle Fruits

Restores 1% of HP every turn. (Increases by 1% per level)

Starting Stats

HP: 82

SP: 48

REC: 47

SPD: 8

ATK: 31

HIT: 46

DOD: 45


Spell Cards by level - (Frequency logged by personal experience of 100 tests. All spell cards seem to have an equal chance from their respective levels, with the exceptions of Secretly Inherited Art being more common at level 1, and the level 4 exclusive, "Moriya Faith Tempest" being less common.)
Level 1:
-Forgotten Ritual (26%)
-Yasaka's Divine Wind (19%)
-Secretly Inherited Art (55%)

Level 2:
-Forgotten Ritual (26%)
-Ancestral Wind Blessing (39%)
-Moses's Miracle (35%)

Level 3:
-God's Pentagram (28%)
-Yasaka's Divine Wind (31%)
-Secretly Inherited Art (41%)

Level 4:
-Moriya Faith Tempest (11%)
-Ancestral Wind Blessing (41%)
-Moses's Miracle (48%)

Dream Events

Event: A Shrine Maiden's Duties

Lv Required: 30

Enemy: Reimu Hakurei, Lv30 @ Mid Range

Pair A: None

Pair B: None

Assist Points Awarded: 30

Event: Sanae's Muenzuka Adventure

Lv Required: 260

Enemy: Komachi Onozuka, Lv260 @ Mid Range

Pair A: None

Pair B: None

Assist Points Awarded: 260

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