Patchouli Knowledge


- Default -

Patchouli av. 1
Affection: 0


Dream Club
Affection: 500

Assist Ability

Photosynthesis - Restores SP on every turn.

Gift Likes

High Grade Red Tea, Magic Book

Starting Stats

HP: 43

SP: 90

REC: 57

SPD: 1

ATK: 49

HIT: 42

DOD: 21


Level 1:
-Forest Blaze
-Silent Selene
-Royal Flare

Level 2:
-Emerald Megalith
-Jellyfish Princess
-Royal Flare

Level 3:
-Forest Blaze
-Silent Selene
-Philosopher's Stone

Level 4:
-Emerald Megalith
-Jellyfish Princess
-Witches' Banquet

Dream Events

Event: Give It Back, Now!

Lv Required: 50

Enemy: Alice Margatroid; Lv50 @ Far Range

Pair A: None

Pair B:None

Assist Points Awarded: 50 pts

Event: The Witches' Tea Party

Lv Required: 250

Enemy: 2x Marisa Kirisame, 1 Reimu Hakurei Lv 250

Pair A: Marisa Kirisame

Pair B: Alice Margatroid

Assist Points Awarded: 250 pts

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