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BGM Mode can be used to see the BGMs in the game. Mute , Down , Up , Max is to control the volume of the BGMs. BGM Mode can be unlocked by completing the game once.

BGM Mode

BGM Mode for Touhou Pocket Wars EVO Ver1.07Eng2

NOTE** Songs that have links , links to Youtube.

01:How Many Miles to Gensokyo

02:You're Lying, Marisa

03:The Luna Dial's Possibilities

04:Chasing After Aya's Colourful Album

05:Let's Bhave-Gra

06:Sky of Modern Delusion

07:Cherry Blossoms Fall from the River

08:Boundary in a Pocket

09:Supernatural Phenomena Reunion

10:Hell Raven Lover

11:The Divine Wind Blows

12:Reflections in Suwako's Eyes

13:The Destined Scarlet Devil Mansion

14:Don't Cry, Flan

15:Fateful Alice

16:The Girl who Sees Dreams

17:The Youkai Girl Cometh!

18:Isolated Secret Room

19:Wavering Asia

20:Moonlight Destiny

21:Moonshine Over Yonder

22:Genealogy of the Bamboo Cutter

23:Door to the Flower Paradise

24:Higan, As It Is

25:Tremble of Sixty Years

26:Illusionary Legend of Dawn

27:Maidens, Rise from the Grave!

28:The Truth of the Kappa

29:Apocalyptic Reincarnation

30:Try! Gensokyo

31:Madien Revolution - pocket evolution -

32:Come Forth, Suika!

33:We were so Udongein Together

Opening: "Evolution~A Love Letter to Gensokyo"

Ending: "Black Cat's Skirt~Le Chat une jupe"

Ending: "Romantic Road to Hades~mystery tour"

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