Ace System

The Ace system is a percentage bonus that will apply to any character who has be used over 100 times. The amount points you get for the system is based off how many achievements you have completed. The achievements are as follows:

  1. - Use all characters
  2. - Achieve S Rank
  3. - Use character slot machines (from the shop) over 30 times
  4. - Use the spell card slot machines over 100 times
  5. - Win 10 matches in a row
  6. - Any one of the spell cards reaches lv10
  7. - Any one of the characters reaches lv500
  8. - Win the Gensokyo Cup
  9. - Win the ZUN cup
  10. - Have your money at 100000.
  11. - Complete story mode
  12. - Give gifts to any characters over 50 times
  13. - Any one of the Assist level reaches maximum
  14. - Deal 9999 damage or more to an enemy
  15. - Perform a Union spellcard
  16. - Reform any figurine three times
  17. - Unlock EX rank battle
  18. - Complete all three grades of Special Cups
  19. - Collect all ENV Spheres
  20. - Collect all equipment


  • Several avatars for your gacha can be unlocked by matching avatar cards in the quiz puzzles. Some avatars however requires you to complete dream events and complete King's Game challenge for that character.
  • Completing the story mode once will unlock the Music Room in the title screen.
  • You will unlock EX rank battles by completely depleting 20/32 rival's affection to 0.
  • Depleting 30/32 rival's affection to 0 on the other hand would unlock the Phantasm rank battles.

Fun Facts

  • By winning the King's Game against Reisen, you would notice that in her Spellcard Setting profile, there would be a question mark on the lower right of the screen. Click it for a surprise.


Spellcards are leveled up by fusing 2 spell cards of the same kind together only the first spellcard gets leveled. If you fuse say a level 1 spellcard(1st) and use any other level (1-10) spellcard you gain a level 2 spellcard. Which means no matter what you do the first picked spellcard only gains one level. Do note that the level 2 spellcard here gains only random added effects such as a level 2 spellcard.

Possible gains per level:

  • Added attack power
  • Added Hit rate
  • Added critical rate
  • Improved Support/Special effects
  • Increased/Decreased mp cost

Also, take note when leveling spellcards the amount of gains per level are not fixed and are randomized.

Level 10 spellcards are considered "mastered". When these cards are used there is a small chance that a character will have a light bulb appear above them immediately before the execution of the card. When this happens a spellcard gets one of the possible added effects from level up. These moments will continue until a spellcard has reached its cap and cannot further gain effects. Spellcards that increase mp cost have their level 10 mp cost permanent.

Spellcard packs are gained by progressing time in game(days spent). Once a certain character is available through the gacha machines their first spellcard packs are given by default. Other packs however take a bit more time pack # 2 will appear 4 days after the character is available and the third is available 12 days after that or 16 after the character becomes available. The fourth pack is unlocked a bit differently, it is unlocked when you buy 500 spellcards (dropping counts). As soon as the fourth is unlocked it is applied to all characters so if you spam spellcard buying early, you can buy spellpacks 1,4 and whatever extra you unlocked by time.

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