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Hong Meiling


Assist Ability

Chi of Fortune - Restore HP when using "Charge."

Gift Likes

High Grade Red Tea, Hand Knit Scarf

Starting Stats

HP: 112

SP: 45

REC: 18

SPD: 9

ATK: 47

HIT: 47

DOD: 47


Level 1:
-Star Bullets
-Extreme Color Typhoon
-Will of the Dragon

Level 2:
-Extreme Color Typhoon
-Harmony of Yin and Yang
-Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm

Level 3:
-Star Bullets
-Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm
-True Name "Hong Meiling"

Level 4:
-Will of the Dragon
-Harmony of Yin and Yang
-Dragon-Phoenix Dance

Dream Events

Event: I have a name, you know!

Lv Required: 100

Enemy: Nue Houjuu; Lv100 @ Far Range

Pair A: None

Pair B:None

Assist Points Awarded: 100 pts

Event: The Multi-Purpose SDM Gatekeeper

Lv Required: 240

Enemy: Marisa Kirisame, Nazrin; Lv240 @ Mid & Far Range

Pair A: Patchouli Knowledge

Pair B:None

Assist Points Awarded: 240 pts

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