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Gameplay in Touhou Pocket War Evolution remains the same to its predecessor, however, some additions in the mechanics itself have been added.

Outside of Combat

You will unlock Gensokyo after you hit D rank and have the event with Ran and Chen occur. You will have to solve various mazes to unlock more locations during the start of your adventure in Gensokyo.

There are four different actions, Meet, Event, Maze and Encounter.

Meet action would enable you to perform reform battles, play King's Game with them and use Gifts to raise your affection points. Affection points are used to dress up your gachas in different avatars.

Events are storyline related and will appear once you have met the criteria for it.

Maze are basically mazes. The first time you visit them, it would be to advance in the storyline. In a maze, you will randomly get attacked by monsters once in a while and each of your figurines can only be used once. After you have completed the maze, you can choose to return to them for whatever reason. In specific spots of a maze, you can find items such as equipments just by landing on the square. Encounters can win you spheres, gifts, or UFOs in later dungeons of EVO+.

Encounter option on the other hand pits you with a battle against a rival. The main objective of these rival battles is to lower their affection points to zero. If you lose, your affection points would be lowered as well. The amount of rival's affection points that could be reduced can be manipulated by winning quiz puzzles.

Assist Ability

An Assist Ability refers to the ability used by the fourth character in a gacha battle. Each character have different (but not unique) assist ability, and they can be switched out for a different character in battle up to three times.

In order to level up assist abilities, you need to get "assist points" either by completing dream events or leveling up spell cards. The amount of points needed to level up their respective assist ability differs for every character.

Increase Evasion Rate: Satori, Orin

Increase Accuracy vs Close Range: Sakuya, Yukari, Byakuren

Increase Damage vs Close Range: Yuugi, Flandre, Ichirin

Increase Accuracy vs Mid Range: Iku, Alice

Increase Damage vs Mid Range: Suwako, Nitori

Increase Accuracy vs Long Range: Komachi, Kanako

Increase Damage vs Long Range: Yuyuko, Mima, Murasa

Recover HP per turn: Sanae, Eirin

Recover MP per turn: Patchouli, Remilia, Shinki

Increase Critical Rate: Yuuka, Utsuho, Nazrin

Increase Critical Damage: Marisa, Ran, Nue

Recover MP when hit: Tenshi, Mokou

Recover MP when dodging: Aya, Chen

Decrease damage taken: Mook characters, Shikieiki, Kaguya, Kogasa

Increase Love Gained: Youmu, Keine

Decrease MP required for spellcards: Reimu, Koishi, Shou

Recover HP while charging: Suika, Meiling

Environment Spheres

A new addition to the Pocket War EVO battle mechanic, Environment or ENV Spheres act much akin to Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's weather system. However unlike SWR, you can select which ENV Sphere to be used in battle for your advantage. ENV Spheres are cycled randomly in a battle, but you can set up to three ENV Spheres with the Item command during a battle, provided that the slot is empty.

Listed below are the ENV Spheres that is used in the game.

Sphere1 Fog - Halves all hit rate.

Sphere2 Bright - Spellcards will not use up MP (You still require the amount to use them).

Sphere3 Repeat - Spellcards used during this round will not require a reset before they can be used again.

Sphere4 Await - Double MP regeneration on that round if the character uses "charge".

Sphere5 Dazzle - Doubles all damage however, any attacks will use all your MP.

Sphere6 Heal - Recovers all characters' health by 20%.

Sphere7 Origin - Full MP recovery.

Sphere8 Clear - Doubles hit rate.

Sphere9 World - Halves all damage.

Sphere10 Prepare - Complete recovery on the character in the Assist slot.

Union Spellcards


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