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Suika Ibuki



Suika AV
Affection: 0

- King's Game -

King's Game Lv. 1, 2 & 3
Suika KG
Affection: 0

- Extra -

Shrine Maiden Bloomers Hakama
Suika Miko Suika Bloomers Suika Hakama
Affection: 200 Affection: 400 Affection: 300

Assist Danmaku

Offensive: HIT 10

50% chance of activation.


Likes: Scroll of Hyakki Yako (250), Top-quality Sake (200)



Starting Stats

HP: 100

MP: 28

REV: 54

ATK: 58

HIT: 48

DOD: 36

SPD: 5


Suika SC1 Will-o-wisp "Super-High Density Fire Disaster"
[MP]18 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]80% [Mid]40% [Far]0%
Packs: 1 and 3

Suika SC2 Gather Sign "Throwing Mt. Tokugashi"
[MP]14 [HIT]-10 [CRI]25
[Close]0% [Mid]0% [Far]100%
Packs: 1 and 4

Suika SC3 Famous Brew "Suika's Past-time"
[MP]25 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]0% [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Self-Target: Increases damage and hit rate by 25%
Packs: 2 and 3

Suika SC4 "Night Parade of One Million Demons"
[MP]45 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]90% [Mid]60% [Far]60%
Off. Danmaku: ATK 6%, HIT 7%
Packs: 1 and 2

Suika SC5 Drunk Sign "Art of Oni Binding"
[MP]40 [HIT]10 [CRI]0
[Close]120% [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Add Effect: 10% chance of using up targets' spellcards
Off. Danmaku: MP 5, HIT 5%
Packs: 2 and 4

Union Spell Card
- Union Character: Yuugi Hoshiguma -
Suika & Yuugi UC Dual Oni "Thoughtless in Three Steps"
[MP]86 [HIT]0 [CRI]30
[Close]600% [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Off. Danmaku: HIT 8%, CRI 25%
Pack: 4

- Union Character: Ichirin Kumoi -
Suika & Ichirin UC Heavy Strike "Giant Punch"
[MP]38(20) [HIT]-20(-2) [CRI]40(49)
[Close]400%(463%) [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Off. Danmaku: MP 4, ATK 5%
Pack: 4

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