Similar to equipment, skills can be equipped to characters to change how effective they are in battle. Unlike equipment, the same skill can be equipped to as many characters as you like, and skills can be leveled up through the use of Ace Points to increase their effectiveness. Skills are unlocked through gameplay and can be leveled up through the options menu at any time, provided that you have enough Ace Points.

  1. HP Restoration: Restores HP each round.
  2. MP Restoration: Restores MP each round.
  3. Close Mastery: Increases damage and hit of close-range attacks.
  4. Mid Mastery: Increases damage and hit of mid-range attacks.
  5. Far Mastery: Increases damage and hit of far-range attacks.
  6. Kamikaze: Increases critical damage.
  7. Sneak Attack: Increases critical chance.
  8. MP Saving: Reduces card MP cost.
  9. Evacuate: Increases dodge percentage.
  10. Guard: Reduces damage taken.
  11. Elite: Increases love gained.
  12. Expertise: Increases chance to trigger card mastery.
  13. Revenge: Increases MP after being hit.
  14. Graze: Increases MP after dodge.
  15. W Charge: Restores HP after using charge.
  16. Enhanced Danmaku: Increases chance of assist.
  17. Treasure Hunter: Increases chance to see through reward cards at the end of battle
  18. Support: Using a support card restores MP.

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