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Shou Toramaru



Shou AV
Affection: 0

- King's Game -

King's Game Lv. 1, 2 & 3
Shou KG
Affection: 0

- Extra -

Tiger Bikini Coco-chan (Toranoana)
Shou Bikini Shou Coco-chan
Affection: 150 Affection: 350

Assist Danmaku

Defensive: CRI +20%

25% chance of activation.


Likes: Ball of Yarn (100)

Indifferent: Magic Book (125), Decorational Blade (75)


Starting Stats

HP: 108

MP: 20

REV: 45

ATK: 48

HIT: 49

DOD: 35

SPD: 6


Shou SC1 Tiger Sign "Hungry Tiger"
[MP]24 [HIT]0 [CRI]10
[Close]0% [Mid]100%(151%) [Far]0%
Packs: 1 and 3

Shou SC2 Heaven Sign "Scorched Earth Mandala"
[MP]32(23) [HIT]5 [CRI]0
[Close]70%(102%) [Mid]0% [Far]70%(102%)
Packs: 1 and 2

Shou SC3 Light Sign "Aura of Justice"
[MP]36(36-45) [HIT]-5(4) [CRI]0
[Close]60%(89%) [Mid]60%(89%) [Far]60%(89%)
Add Effect: 5%(14%) chance of instant-KO.
Packs: 2 and 3

Shou SC4 Buddhist Art "Most Valuable Vajra"
[MP]38 [HIT]0 [CRI]0(27)
[Close]180%(274%) [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Packs: 1 and 4

Shou SC5 Light Sign "Demon of Purification"
[MP]54 [HIT]0 [CRI]0(18)
[Close]0% [Mid]90%(134%) [Far]150%(227%)
Packs: 2 and 4

Shou SC6 Treasure Sign "Dazzling Gold"
[MP]84 [HIT]-10(-1) [CRI]30(48)
[Close]160%(244%) [Mid]160%(244%) [Far]0%
Pack: 3

Union Spell Card
- Union Character: Nazrin -
Shou & Nazrin UC Jeweled Pagoda "Eternal Treasure"
[MP]55 [HIT]0 [CRI]0(18)
[Close]0% [Mid]80%(120%) [Far]280%(429%)
Pack: 4

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