Komachi Onozuka



Komachi AV
Affection: 0

- King's Game -

King's Game Lv. 1, 2 & 3
Komachi KG
Affection: 0

- Extra -

Ange Maid
Komachi Ange Komachi Maid
Affection: 350 Affection: 500

Assist Danmaku

Defensive: HIT +5%

100% chance of activation.





Starting Stats

HP: 90

MP: 22

REV: 43

ATK: 56

HIT: 49

DOD: 35

SPD: 7


Komachi SC1 Death's Big Scythe
[MP]30(21) [HIT]5 [CRI]15
[Close]100%(151%) [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Packs: 1 and 3

Komachi SC2 Throw Away "Money from the Yesterday"
[MP]22 [HIT]-5 [CRI]0
[Close]0% [Mid]50%(72%) [Far]90%(134%)
Packs: 1 and 2

Komachi SC3 Death Song "Ferriage in the Deep Fog"
[MP]40 [HIT]0(9) [CRI]5(23)
[Close]120%(181%) [Mid]50%(72%) [Far]0%
Packs: 1 and 4

Komachi SC4 Spirit Sign "Wandering Ghosts on the Path"
[MP]42 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]0% [Mid]50%(72%) [Far]150%(227%)
Packs: 2 and 4

Komachi SC5 Hell "Narrow Confines of Avici"
[MP]80(53) [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]0% [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Multi-Target: Nulls damage.
Packs: 2 and 3

Komachi SC6 Spirit Sign "Scythe of Life & Death"
[MP]80(80-89) [HIT]5 [CRI]20
[Close]0% [Mid]250%(383%) [Far]0%
Add Effect: 10%(37%) chance of instant-KO.
Pack: 3

Union Spell Card
- Union Character: Rin Kaenbyou -
Orin & Komachi UC "Corpse-Carrying Express"
[MP]54(45) [HIT]10 [CRI]10
[Close]280%(429%) [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Pack: 4

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