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Cirno THPW2



- Default -

Cirno AV
Affection: 0

- King's Game -

Kings Game Lv1, 2 & 3
Cirno KG
Affection: 0

- Extra -

Advent Cirno
Cirno Advent
Affection: 200

Assist Danmaku

Defensive: +5% CRI

100% chance of activation.


Likes: Prank Toy (150)

Indifferent: Boxed Desserts (125), Hand-Knit Scarf (100), Gold Coin (75)

Dislikes: Sexy Underwear (-125), Tao Te Ching (-125)

Starting Stats

HP: 84

SP: 85

REC: 19

ATK: 36

HIT: 22

DOD: 43

SPD: 15


Cirno SC1 Ice Cubes "Cold Sprinkler"
[MP]18 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]80% (108%) [Mid]40% (52%) [Far]0%
Pack 1 & 3

Cirno SC2 Snow Sign "Diamond Blizzard"
[MP]13 [HIT]-5 [CRI]0
[Close]0% [Mid]80% (108%) [Far]40% (52%)
Pack 1 & 2

Cirno SC3 Cold Sign "Insta-Freeze Beam"
[MP]48 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]50% [Mid]50% [Far]50%
Add Effect: 20% chance of stun for one turn.
Off. Danmaku: MAX MP -6, CRI -8%
Pack 1 & 4

Cirno SC4 Frost Sign "Frost Columns"
[MP]48 [HIT]0 [CRI]25
[Close]180% [Mid]0% [Far]0%
Off. Danmaku: ATK -8%, HIT-6%
Pack 2 & 4

Cirno SC5 Freeze Sign "Minus K"
[MP]58 [HIT]0 [CRI]10
[Close]0% [Mid]120% [Far]120%
Off. Danmaku: ATK -7%, HIT -6%, CRI -6%
Pack 2 & 3

Cirno SC6 Frost Sign "Perfect Freeze"
[MP]74 [HIT]0 [CRI]25
[Close]100% [Mid]100% [Far]100%
Add Effect: Damage fluctuates up to 30%.
Off. Danmaku: ATK -7%, HIT -6%, CRI -6%
Pack 3

Union Spell Card
- Union Character: Fujiwara no Mokou -
Cirno & Mokou UC Annihilation "Medlore"
[MP]80 [HIT]0 [CRI]0
[Close]200% [Mid]200% [Far]200%
Add Effect: 5% chance of instant-KO.
Pack 4

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