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Touhou Pocket Wars

Developer 未完童話
Publisher 未完童話
Released 2009/01/31 (Fancy Frontier13)
Genre Role-Playing Game
Gameplay Single-player story mode
Platforms Windows
Requirements Windows2000/XP/Vista, Pentium III 800 Mhz, VRAM 16 MB, 256 MB RAM, 600 MB HDD, CD-Rom

Touhou Pocket Wars (ja:東方ポケット戦爭, tw:東方口袋戰爭) is a strategic RPG based around Gacha Figurines. The player plays themselves as a Touhou-character themed Gacha collector, entering tournaments and levelling up their figurines and accompanying spellcards to take on stronger and stronger opponents.


Main article: Touhou Pocket Wars: Gameplay

The gameplay of Pocket Wars focuses around collecting Gacha Figurines of various Touhou heroines, levelling them and their spellcards up, then sending teams into a strategic turn-based battle in which positioning greatly effects the effectiveness of abilities.


Main article: Touhou Pocket Wars: Story

Touhou Pocket Wars casts the player themselves as the main character, as a Touhou-obsessed otaku who gets into the Gacha craze. Occasionally dreaming about the girls and Gensokyo in general, though, their ties to Gensokyo seem to be unusually strong...

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