Title Screen


You ready to play some Touhou Mother, using your omniscience powers since you know both games so well?

Well, you better be, because the game will not let you progress unless you known what music it plays!

(For the lazy/newbie/Cirno-minded, whichever applies to you, it's Highly Responsive to Prayers.)

After that, we see that our names (Junya Itoi) and our preferences (Sake and Love) being filled in for us,

(Reason being is the engine was Japanese, so it couldn't have been changed.)

Pick Easy, Normal, Hard, or Lunatic.

  • Easy, yes, for children only. Play on this mode to gain victory only by mashing buttons. Healing isn't that necessary since the scroll is really slow. You ought to think about healing if necessary, since KOing all of the available party members is the same as losing (Game Over, or other cases).
  • Normal. Recommended for those who has just started playing this kind of game and want to find some challenge. It's difficulty rather mediocre. Don't push yourself to play on higher difficulty...
  • Hard. In this difficulty, it's starting to be almost impossible. The HP scrolls becoming fast too. Keep on your toes.
  • Lunatic. As you know, this is the most impossible difficulty available (doesn't mean it's purely impossible). The scrolls are almost instant on the start and you get 3 HP damages for each party members at the start of the battle, regardless. Think twice before you play this, except you're a masochist.

Then, let us begin!

The Beginning

Reimu checks her donation box, only to find it empty.

Then Marisa comes to tell you that she's bored and after agreeing to resolve this, she joins your party.

Reimu is your basic all-around Fighter that can fill any role, while Marisa is your typical mage.

She has great power and PP, but low hp and defense.

After saving, go to left and through the path.

Then go northeast to the Sunflower Field.

After the conversation with Yuka, you get your first battle (which could also qualify as a boss fight)

which happens to be Cirno.

Boss Battle

Cirno (Please replace photo, accidentally replaced. Please DO NOT name photo "cirno.png" or "Cirno.png")

Recommended Level: 1
Strategy: There really is no strategy here,
cast your best spells until she drops!

After you win, a meteor falls and after it does (and pummels Cirno further) go investigate by heading towards the right.

Go North and fight all the Mr. Ghosties until you learn Pk Lifeup α. Trust me, you'll need it.


Mr Ghosty
Recommended Level: 1
Strategy: Pummel them with your spells! 
If Marisa's spell doesn't kill him, 
Reimu's physical one will! 
Keep mind on your PP though.

When you reach Suwako's hat, eat the Mushrooms (Don't worry about the secondary "effects", yet...) and save.

Go up and face yet another boss battle, Starman Junior.

Boss Battle

Starman Junior

Starman Junior
Recommended Level: 2
Strategy: Starman Junior, it's not that tough to fight with, 
if you're serious of course.
* Offense:
Attacking it physically is fine. 
Using bombs can beat it faster as well. Marisa's PK Beam
α can damage it pretty much, but Reimu's PK Dream α can damage it better, 
about a double of PK Beam α's damage.
 You ought to reconsider to make Reimu to use her bombs to damage it 
while you have a chance. 
Remember that Reimu is the only healer, for now.
* Defense: 
Its physical attack is enough to deplete a half amount 
of the characters' HP or less. 
It has a tendency to attack Marisa more often, 
so make sure you don't forget about her. 
He can bring out PK Beam α that can damage both Reimu and Marisa.

After winning, Yuka catches up and Reimu notices a familiar fat human...

(For the uninitiated, it's Porky from Earthbound/Mother)

After a lengthy cutscene of the title, Marisa refuses to leave him and flies towards the Scarlet Devil Mansion, while

busting a hole in the wall...

(and yet, Meiling is unshaken...)

After being scolded and seduced by Patchouli, you need to search for Remilia while Marisa and Patchouli have some "alone time."

Save and head towards the door, only to have Remilia burst in and hide behind you, because Sakuya is wearing a scary mask!

(P.S. You are cruel if you don't agree to help her.)

Boss Battle

Masked Maid Girl

Masked Maid Girl
Recommended Level: 2-3
Strategy: Sakuya is pretty a nuisance if you, again, are not serious. 
Patchy is joining you as
a guest, so your battle might be a little easier.
* Offense:
Patchy is here to help you fight. 
She sometimes just coughing violently, where her 
precious turn will be lost. 
Patchy can attack with PK Freeze α, dealing the highest damage 
Reimu's PK Dream α is proved more effective than Marisa's PK Beam α, 
though PK  Dream α will cost higher.
* Defense:
Sakuya will use a Tarot Card 
(which is actually a Yu-Gi-Oh card called "Arcana Force 
XXI,The  World". Fitting.) at the start of her turn. 
If it's heads up, you can't attack,
but she'll hit you and if it's down she can't attack and you get a free hit! 
What's better that it does not base on luck. 
Well, partially. 
Press the accept button (Spacebar or Z keyboard) to stop the card. 
It will heads up if you press it as the card is more 
likely to be heads up while rotating. 
It will heads down if you press it as it more likely heads down. 
Time your press carefully!
If you fail, she'll just attack you.

After zapping her, the mask falls off, the evil hold on Sakuya is no more!

Remilia suddenly finds the courage to boss Sakuya around again, and all is right within the SDM (As much as it's gonna get)

After some coaxing by Marisa, Patchy finds it contains a part of a melody.

(You also get your first new equiptables)

It breaks and "Fatty" wakes up!

Towards the end of the dialogue, we find that Fatonymous's name is written on a piece of paper and he has no memories!

(This also means he doesn't know what the melody does...)

Take some sake from Patchy and equip the Magic Ribbon and Diary to Marisa.

(Yes, I know it lowers her offense, but she really shouldn't be attacking psychically in the first place...) and save.

Oh, by the way, from this point on, if you run out of PP, especially during a boss fight, you may as well be dead.

You LIVE on that stuff. So, take care!

Ok, goody.

Leave Patchy's room, and go up.

Then go down and leave SDM.

Go south to The Baka lake (originally, Misty Lake) and through the sunflower field to the Hakurei Shrine and you'll see a Yukari portal.

Go through it and experience the space that is Yukari!

As you go to the right, you'll see a bed and Suwako's hat.

This is a good grinding point if you so wish. And watch your PP, you won't know when will you reach a healing point again.

Remember that it isn't a good idea to avoid too many fights as it becomes impossible to beat bosses.

And now I'll show you the Bestiary of this area!


Even in your Mother Game (F.O.E.!)

Even in your Mother Game (F.O.E.!)
Recommended Level: 4-5
Strategy: Compared to the real FOEs, these things are very, very weak. 
They attack a single target with a medium damage, and their HP isn't that much.
Attacking would do good.

Killer Green Tea

Killer Green Tea
Recommended Level: 4-5
Strategy: Watch out of these, they can attack the whole party! 
Other than that, nothing special. 
Finish it as quickly as possible.

Undefined Border Object

Undefined Border Object
Recommended Level: 4-5
Strategy: They use PK Beam α, so they're dangerous in much ways. Watch out.

Items in the area:

Mecha Bow
Who can use it: Marisa 
Advice: You can either equip it to Marisa or not. 
Even if you remove her Dream Diary,It won't risk much decline to her IQ 
(doesn't mean she'll get more stupid), 
and in it's place, saving PP is a good choice.
Who can use it: Reimu
Advice: Definitely use this, as your Floor Cushion isn't a good weapon.

Ok, so after going to the next portal, and moving up again, you'll find another portal which leads to Yukari's!

After some more seduction on Yukari's part, you learn that Yukari had a vision of her talking to some guy that foretales

the destruction of Gensokyo.

She further tells you that in order to stop the foreboding doom, you must collect 8 melodies.

So, now that is your Mission!

While she and Ran go searching for answers, you must find Yuyuko for the second Melody.

But before that, collect the items,rest, and save.

Items in the Area:

Who can use it: Anyone (Except Yuka)
Advice: Reimu, since she needs the PP. 
Anything that increases either Speed or PP is UNUSABLE on Yuka.
Who can use it: Anyone
Advice: Reimu, because she attacks more often with offense instead of Marisa.
You can save it later for Yuka, 
since Yuka has a formidable strength for a slowpoke 
and only can use attack to offense.
But giving to Yuka can be a waste further on...
Power Capsule
Who can use it: Anyone but the slow... 
Advice: Of course, the slow being Yuka. 
You cannot give it to Yuka. Period. The game literally won't let you. As much as
you want to raise her speed past 1, you won't be able to.
So give it to Reimu, since she got's lower speed, and is your resident healer.
But considering the game's engine, being the slowest healer isn't half bad.

Laser Crystal
Who can use it: Anyone
Advice: Marisa, because her defense is going to be a problem later...
Cook D-cap
Who can use it: Anyone
Advice: Marisa, because of the defense issue.
Cheap Bracelet
Who can use it: Anyone
Advice: Marisa again, because of defense!

So now, Marisa almost has the same defense as Reimu!

Now, onwards to Yuyuko!

The Netherworld

Ok, so all you gotta do is head up.

Yeah... there's not much else... so I'll show the Bestiary!


Gramps Rider

Gramps Rider
Recommended Level: 5-7
Strategy: This gramps isn't that dangerous, 
he often skips his turn by falling off from his skateboard. 
Skateboarding might be too much for an old gramps like him... 
Still, the damage can be disastrous.


Half Ghost
Recommended Level: 5-7
Strategy: They deal damage like Gramps Rider, and even worse, 
they can spit out dirty 
words that can lower the party's offense by 5! 
Thank goodness they're slower than the party.


Recommended Level: 5-7
Strategy: These nasty guys can lower your speed by 5,
it's pretty dangerous to slow yourself! 
Their attack isn't that formidable compared to the other enemies here though.

After the first screen, hug the right and head up some more till you find another present, which contains the Skimpy Maid Outfit. Give it to Marisa, as she is the only with the noticeable defense increase.

Now proceed into Yuyuko's house. You quickly see there is something wrong with Youmu as soon as she turns around and speaks. Yuyuko tells you you must get the melody from her and what other way than fighting her!

Boss Battle

Youmu Never Loses

Youmu Never Loses
Recommended Level: 7-8
Strategy: This boss is the one who really can't be beaten easily. 
Make sure to be ready to see the game over screen 
while fighting her if you lose.
* Offense:
Rely on Marisa more than Reimu, Reimu will do the healing job. 
For Marisa, use either PK Beam α or PK Freeze α, 
it deals a same amount of damage to Youmu,with a same cost of PP. 
You can attack using Reimu too, but should you waste the only healer's PP?
* Defense:
Most of her attacks has only one point: 
damages a single target with a painful damage.
Make sure you're ready to heal yourself before taking any mortal damage, 
since this time you should have enough HP 
to have the character a period to survive. 
If she lashes out violently, prepare for mortal damage, 
except if you're lucky or strong enough.
There's a point that Yuyuko will take out her megaphone and say 
"Your mother would be ashamed" to Youmu, 
that can either increase or decrease her offense by 3. 
Increase of her offense occurs far more often though (THANKS, Yuyuko!). 
Not only that, Yuyuko can drink Youmu's tea (That glutton...),
making Youmu angry and raises her offense by 5  (Great...).

After defeating her, you see her wanting to go on a journey to get stronger, but abruptly stopped by Yuka with the Master Spark! You soon discover that while Youmu has the melody, Yuyuko could've sung it at any time... Plus, Yuka joins your party.(Whether you like it or not!)

Items in the Area

Hot Spring

Who can use it: Anyone, yes.
Advice: None, but open it as it gives you a free heal!

( which you need as you find out in the next part) Simply, it's like a portable, one time use inn.


Who can use it: Yuka
Advice: Yuka, being the only who can use it.

So after getting the 2nd melody, leave via walking (since the portal is broke) and find words of encouragement from Porky.

You also learn Alice is not too happy with Marisa, who destroyed her house (with good reason) and must apologize.

You also get the Friends Yoyo, that you should give to Reimu (don't worry, we haven't forgot about you.)

Save at Yukari's and to Alice's House!

Forest Of Magic

Ok, if you checked Yuka's level, it's lower than yours, so it's your choice to grind to level her up.

In my opinion, since she's the last attacker no matter what, it's pretty safe move on as she gets the job done now.

Anyway, leave Yukari's space and you'll wind up at the Hakurei Shrine.

Head left to the next screen and up towards the Forest Of Magic.

At your right is Kirby's... I mean Marisa's house but you can't go in because it's messy, ze.

So, onwards north and avoid the right path because you don't want to trample the ants there.

You'll see a present (goody!) and open it.

And... not only is it empty, but it's a ambush by Team ⑨!

Boss Battle

Mystia, Cirno, and Wriggle
Touhou Mother Mystia File:Touhou Mother Cirno.png Touhou Mother Wriggle

Recommended Level:⑨
Strategy: Laughable. 
Easily defeated if you hit them hard early, 
but become nuisances if you mess around...

After you beat them, they become horribly pixalated.

Anyway, you can travel the path to the right now!

But... now you have to fight more baddies that are tougher than Team ⑨ (but then again, what isn't?)


Rascal Fly
Rascal Fly
Recommended Level:⑨-11
Strategy: Quick, and simply annoying. NUKE!

Marisa-Colored Mushrooms

Marisa-Colored Mushrooms
Recommended Level:⑨-11
Strategy: Has a status effect (probably the first you'll see) 
that affects all but Marisa. 
Kill it fast...
Wild Poopachu
Recommended Level:⑨-11
Strategy: Has a thundershock attack that becomes really annoying. 
Kill that fast as well.

Head the the right and ignore the down paths (unless you're hunting for references) and go up all the up paths.

(Trust me, you get it.)

Items In the area

Wind Ring

Who can use it: Reimu, Marisa, Yuka
Advice: Reimu uses a mix of mage and melee, and can do without it, 
Marisa doesn't melee as a rule, so Yuka needs it.
She's to finish your enemies off and if you are using her any other way, 
you're using her wrong!

So, up we go!

Marisa now tells us that the fairys have been mean and right she is!

Unless you want to make a shrine maiden cry, ignore the signs and up paths until you reach the 2nd up path, which contains the Standard Force (which should be given to Yuka, who gets the most out of it!)

Funny thing about the signs is if you trigger all of them, Reimu blows up the last one with PK Dream.--CybeastFalzar 21:32, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

Now, continue to the right.

When there's a end to the path, head south and get the Laser Crystal!

Up,right, up, left we go!

Items In the area

Human Revolution

Who can use it: Reimu, Marisa, Yuka
Advice: Marisa, (you know the drill!)

Ignore the sign that tells you it's not the right path and head north!

Head right (Yes, there's a north path that has a butterfly with 20 pp to everyone, but come back later for a item!)

And ignore the sign that tells you to go to the right and head north again until you find a Suwako hat!!

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