Touhou Mother:Gameplay

You have a typical RPG overhead view with many hilarious references to other popular games/movies/anime/you name it! The battles are reminiscent to Mother 2/3, which are in a traditional turn-based.
First, player issues commands for the characters. After all characters has been given a command, the turn starts from the fastest (those with the highest speed) to the slowest (those with the lowest speed, or simply, mostly Yuka). A character is KOed if their HP reaches 0. They can be revived with some PSIs and some items (items for outside battles only). Game over occurs when all of the existing party members are KOed. Unlike Mother games, you do not return to the last save point with the last status intact, but you'll be send to the title screen instead.


For the battles it uses Mother 2 & 3's Menu mechanics which is the rolling hit point system.
For example, upon being hit, you don't immediately receive the damage, instead it slowly drops, so if you can defeat the enemy, it actually stops!

Now for some interesting notes!

  • There are no random encounters, the enemies are shown in the overworld, and avoidable.
  • But, you can't run from battles
  • Later, some enemies are so fast and tricky that they are almost unavoidable.
  • You do not use items in battle if you are playing on easy.
  • Fast reflexes and paying attention are a plus.
  • It's important to read the battle messages, especially if it's about the took damage. If there is written Mortal Damage, then you must take initiative to recover the KOing character, FAST before it touches 0! Mashing up the button helps to let the character get the recovery faster.
  • There's no such thing as Max HP for enemies. If they recover, their HP can be more than 999999999. In that case, you'll never win. Prioritize to eliminate HP-recovering enemies first!
  • Some bosses can only be defeated by using the rolling hit point system (simply put, you can't outdamage them before they kill you.
  • OHKO(OHKO) is common if you don't wait after healing.
  • If you run out of PP, you are as good as dead. It would suck meleeing bosses...
  • In some cases, it's the best to just deplete all of your PP. If you use a Bomb that costs more than your remaining PP, you still can use it, but in result your PP become 0. Good for final resorts.
  • Special for characters that have PSI Magnet, as long they have PP (more than 0, and it's a must), you can let them recover their PP using PSI Magnet! Charge up more PP if you're running out of one!


The game has 4 difficulties (easy, normal hard, and LUNATIC), which affect soley the hitpoint system in how fast it rolls. :The easier the difficulty, the slower the hit point rolled.
Vice versa when playing on a harder difficulty.

Some interesting points are noted:

  • The game tells you you may not be able to finish the games on the harder difficulties.
  • This isn't true, but you must be over-leveled to survive.
  • When you are maxed at at level 50, consider running from enemies before they touch you.


Exploring is a big part of the game and they don't always tell you where to go next.
If you get lost, run around to previous places and maybe you'll find something happening!
Of course, if all else fails, refer to the walkthrough found here. Touhou Mother: Walkthrough

Playable Characters

There are 4 characters available to be controlled:
  • Reimu Hakurei:

Main heroine of most Touhou games. Once again, she must save Gensokyo, though she's not alone. For some reason, she does not want to talk actively. There's a time she will talk actively. Reimu is well balanced for most parts like normal attacks, PSI attacking, and healing. She's more reliable for healing for the most parts. She has the PSI Shield, which is very important to reduce physical damages.

Silence. The reason is that she's using bombs, not PSI.
  • Marisa Kirisame:

Another main heroine of most Touhou games. Now she needs to collaborate with Reimu to save Gensokyo. She's the first character to break the 4th wall in the game. Marisa is not a good physical fighter, so you will rely her on massive elimination with her PSI attacks like PSI Beam and PSI Starstorm, or dealing big damage using PSI Freeze. She has PSI Magnet, which is the only way to regain PP in the battle. She owns the PSI that reduces PSI damages to 1. Since she's an unreliable physical fighter, watch out of her defense, which will make her vulnerable to take high damages. Despite she has problems in physical fights, she has a fair speed. After reaching a certain level, Marisa will be able to steal some money in the middle of the battle. But the money that she picked is not that much so her stealing attempts are pretty useless.

Mushroom. She's the master of mushrooms.
  • Yuka Kazami:

A very dangerous Youkai. She seems to not have a mood to use her danmakus in this game. For some reason, she will be unable to fight anymore after fighting Porky on his building, rendering her not be able to fight for the final battle. Thanks to her characteristics in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she has the slowest speed, and her speed will be always 1. It's a total waste to raise her speed, since no matter what, she'll be the last. More than that, she's the only character to not be able to use Bombs, makes her PP to 0 too. But beside these weaknesses, she is the only reliable physical attacker. Her physical attack power are relatively equal to other characters' PSI attacks. Not only that, she has a high critical (SMAAASSSHHHH) rate compared to other characters that makes her damage sometimes 3 times more than normal with some humorous reasons for the critical hit. She's the best for bringing some laughs in battles and dealing high damage with only Attack, especially with her very frequent critical chance. But her critical can be a calamity in some cases since it requires more time than a normal damage. One of the characters including Yuka herself might be already KOed as she ran out of HP while SMAAAAASSHHHing. Yuka has a high HP as well.

Silence. She doesn't even need PP.
  • Mima:

A lost spirit from the old Gensokyo, Marisa's master. In Reimu's subconscious and before Reimu fights Ness, is the last periods for Mima to join the party, rendering her unusable for the final battle. She can be the most reliable fighter in the party with her high speed, can heal multiple allies in a short period after joining, and good PSI attacks. She can do some surprising critical attacks though not as often as Yuka. Considering her speed and PSI, she can be either an attacker or healer, taking place for Reimu's healing assignment. She have very important PSIs, PSI Starstorm and PSI Shield Off that will break enemies' shields.

Poison. Mima's a spirit, she won't be hurt by physical status effects.

Some Last Important Tips in order of importance

  • 1. Did I mention you're pretty much dead if you run out of PP? Yeah, use it wisely...
  • 2. You still can use Bombs as long you still have PP, no matter how much it costs. But when it really touched 0, you're screwed.
  • 3. When equipping, check if you can give the item to someone else and/or if it gives better stats.
  • 4. You get money, but not waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy more into the game. So, don't sweat it.
  • 5. Boss too hard? You probably been skipping too many fights. Or maybe, it's unbeatable, but I'll warn you if that's the case. And if all else fails...
  • 6. PSI Shields and other protective PSIs are very important especially in boss battles. They protect you from further harm.
  • 7. Come back and see what the walkthrough has to say about it!


Battle Commands:

Attacks- A normal damage inducing attack. Higher the characters' offense the better the damage.
Bombs - Your basic PSI attacks that uses PP(psychic points)
Guard - Halvens damage took.
Item - Uses the equipped item. (Not used in easy mode.)

Map Controls:

Z=A -Interacts with objects/menus/you name it!
X=B - Cancels things..

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