Bn rpg14

Hachimitsu Kuma-san
Role-Playing Game
Version Info.
3.1.2 (Slash Buster); 3.5.1 (Gold Edition)

Touhou Maiden (東方冥異伝, romanized Touhou Meiiden) is a (series of) RPG which uses a somewhat complex battle system, but otherwise plays like your standard RPG (that is, dungeon, boss, another dungeon, boss, etc.). Each "segment" released includes new features, rebalancing, as well as various other things such as bug fixing and game optimization. This is in addition to the patches released reguarly.

The games contain many references, as well as crossovers for humorous effect. This also includes various Touhou-related and non-Touhou-related memes.


Main article: Touhou Maiden: Gameplay


Main article: Touhou Maiden: Translation

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