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Most recent edition of the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

The Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (東方M-1ぐらんぷり) is a series of CD/DVDs released by R-Note (formerly YELLOW ZEBRA) wherein the characters from Touhou perform animated manzai skits. The project is built around a mock manzai tournament, also hosted and judged by the characters from the series.

There are currently 11 editons of the M-1 Grand Prix and two remakes of the 1st and 2nd M-1 Grand Prix.


1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Reitaisai 4)


Cover of the 1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Ran, Kaguya, Lily White, Shikieiki
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Aya
Prize: The Hourai Elixir


First Round:

Commercial Break: Touhou Housenka ~ Sound of Chord (album by Yellow Zebra) (Remilia & Alice)

Before Finals:


Mqdefault (1)

Cirno at Scarlet Mansion's final performance. Remilia is not amused.

  • Witch Doll (Marisa & Alice)
    • Alice plans to get married in the future, but Marisa won't let her go that easily.
  • Scarlet Mansion (Remilia, Flandre & Cirno) — WINNER
    • Flandre lets Cirno join their team as a tsukkomi (straight man). Both Remilia and Flandre are unsatisfied with her performance.

2nd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 73)


Cover of the 2nd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Yukari, Flandre/Cirno, Komachi, Akyuu
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Keine
Prize: 100,000 Goku worth in the Human Village



First Round:

Commercial Break:Nitori's Translator(Nitori & Lily White)

Before Finals:
Between Finals:


  • Hourai Teruyo (Kaguya, Eirin & Mokou)
    • Mokou attacks Kaguya in the middle of their performance. Kaguya tricks Mokou into thinking she's a special guest for her own "TV show".
  • Yakumo Chen (Ran & Chen) — WINNER
    • It's hibernation time for Yukari. Ran teaches Chen how to defend their home from noisy people.

Final Judging + Ending:

Extra scene: (Ran,Chen,Reimu & Marisa)

3rd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 75)


Cover of the 3rd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Yukari/Ran, Suika, Kanako, Suwako, Shikieiki/Komachi
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Eirin
Losers Bracket Studio: Keine
Prize: Becoming the Main Characters



First Round:

  • Yuyuko & Youmu (Yuyuko & Youmu) Judging
    • Yuyuko & Youmu talk about different kinds of snacks, and Yuyuko's like for eating birds, just like Mystia's...
  • Wind Girl (Aya & Momiji) Judging
    • Aya doesn't want to become senile like her grandma. Momiji plays as Aya's grandma to represent a situation.
  • TeiKourin (Tewi & Rinnosuke) Judging
    • Tewi insinuates that Rinnosuke's job at the store is really easy. Rinnosuke plays as a robber to show Tewi his job is harder than she thought.
  • Witch Doll ("Marisa" & Alice) Judging + Loser Resurrection + "Vermin Love" mini-manzai
    • Marisa interviews Alice at her house. The manzai goes wrong with a shocking surprise.
  • MikoMiko Spark (Reimu & Marisa) Judging
    • Reimu and Marisa get in a double date. Marisa is nervous about it.

Commercial Break:"Mystia's Grilled Lamprey"(Yuyuko, Youmu, Flandre, Mokou & Mystia)

Before Finals:


Marisa and Reimu kept their title as the main characters of the Touhou series.


  • TeiKourin (Tewi & Rinnosuke)
    • Tewi believes American rabbits are cooler than Japanese rabbits. She then decides to do an American-style manzai.
  • MikoMiko Spark (Reimu & Marisa) — WINNER
    • Reimu and Marisa discuss which of them is the coolest character.

Final Judging:


Bonus 1: Yukari Yakumo's "Jokes that Never Fail" Talkshow (Yukari, Ran, Sanae, Sakuya, Nitori, Letty)

Bonus 2: Flandre's Tsukkomi Audition (Flandre, Patchouli, Cirno, Rumia, Sakuya)

4th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 77)


Cover of the 4th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Ran, Remilia, Reimu, Parsee, Kaguya
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Sanae
Losers Bracket Studio: Eirin
Prize: 10,000 Goku worth on the Lunar Capital



Kanako singing

First Round:

Commercial Break: Nitori's Radio controller (Nitori & Hina)

Before Finals:


  • Tokamak Club (Utsuho & Orin) — WINNER
    • Okuu believes Satori doesn't like her anymore. Orin gives her advice on how to get Satori like her again.
  • Satori Koishi (Satori & Koishi)
    • Satori and Koishi make a skit contest. The one who messes it up will get a painful punishment...

Final Judging:


Bonus Material:

  • KourinSpark (Rinnosuke & Marisa)
    • Rinnosuke keeps messing up his lines and Marisa threatens to finish off their manzai... several times.

5th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 79)

129156564545716215191 m-1-5

Cover of the 5th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Akyuu, Sakuya, Marisa, Komachi, Shikieiki
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Ran/"Chen"
Losers Bracket Studio: Sanae
Prize: 10,000 Kan


First Round:

Commercial Break: Gensoukyo Ears Book (Aya & Hatate)



Nitori and Hina together as "Spin Kappa", winners of the 5th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix.

  • Myourensen (Byakuren, Murasa & Unzan)
    • Murasa wants to confess her love for someone. She asks Byakuren and Unzan for help.
  • Spin Kappa (Nitori & Hina) — WINNER
    • Nitori wants to be part of the technology era and she tries to make an account in a social site.

Final Judging + Ending:

  • Extra scene 1 (Talking Statues)
    • Two talking statues haven't received any offers for years, so they're starving. Ran and Chen stop by to have lunch.
  • Extra scene 2 (Flandre, Patchouli & Cirno)
    • Flandre is hoping to participate in the next Grand Prix. She then decides to practice with Patchouli and Cirno, making Cirno mimic a manly voice.
  • Extra scene 3 + Credits (Nue & Kogasa)
    • Nue reflects about what she learnt at the end of the 5th Grand Prix. Her thoughts get interrupted with a surprise.

6th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 81)


Cover of the 6th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix, which features the winner couples from all previous editions.

Judges: Akyuu, Yukari, Lily White/Lily Black, Yorihime, Warai Uzume no Mikoto
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Sakuya
Prize: Go-Reisho Document




First Round:

  • Scarlet Mansion (Remilia & Flandre) Judging — 5th Place
    • The Scarlet Mansion gets on fire again. This time Remilia must rescue her little sister.
  • Yakumo Chen (Ran & Chen) Judging — 3rd Place
    • Chen goes to school. Ran has to scold her for getting bad influences from her classmates.
  • MikoMiko Spark (Reimu & Marisa) Judging — 4th Place
    • Reimu complains that worshipers don't come to her shrine. Marisa interviews her to raise her popularity on TV.
  • Tokamak Club (Okuu & Orin) Judging — GRAND CHAMPION
    • Utsuho wants to ask a human for marriage. Orin plays as her mother-in-law.
  • Spin Kappa (Nitori & Hina) Judging — 2nd Place
    • Nitori tries to make Hina angry again. This time by doing grafitti on her wall.

Comercial Break:Gensoukyo Armpits Book (Hatate, Momiji & Aya)

Grand Champion Judging:


  • Tokamak Club (Okuu & Orin) Between Finals
    • Okuu witnessed a murder next to her house. Orin interviews her about it.
  • Binary Drop (Shikieiki & Komachi) — WINNER
    • Shikieki decides to become a pop singer. Komachi is her accompanist.

Final judging:

Ending + Credits:

7th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 83)


Cover of the 7th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Seiga/Yoshika, Orin, Reimu, Mamizou, Shikieiki
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Toyosatomimi no Miko
Losers Bracket Studio: Kyouko
Prize: 10 million Yen



534039 4986870911839 685978888 n

Promotional poster for the 7th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

First Round:

Commercial Break: "Futatsuiwa Finance" (Mamizou & Nue) (+Pre Finals)


  • Jealousy Star (Parsee & Yuugi) — WINNER
    • Parsee trains marine animals. Yuugi is a seal, but she is acting stubborn.
  • Patchu Mirin (Meiling & Patchouli)
    • Meiling does an anonymous interview with Patchouli, but Meiling goes too far by following everywhere she goes.

Final Judging:


8th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 85)

01 RNDVD-0003

Cover of the 8th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Yukari, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Satori/Koishi, Tenshi, Yuuka
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Shou
Losers Bracket Studio: Ran
Prize: Seed of Senka and 10 million Yen



First Round:

  • Kumo-Gumi (Ichirin & Unzan)
    • Unzan wants to prove himself he can be a host of a children TV show. His thunderous voice and mean looks are not helping though.
  • KourinSpark (Marisa & Rinnosuke)
    • Marisa insinuates Rinnosuke should get a girlfriend. She then decides to act as her girlfriend and go out in a date.
  • Bakusen Nyan Nyan (Seiga & Kasen)
    • Seiga creates a song and asks Kasen to be her accompanist. Kasen gets frustrated as Seiga keeps changing the lyrics, and even the whole song.
  • Suzu-kyuun♪ (Akyuu & Kosuzu) Judging + Loser Resurrection
    • Kosuzu acts as a thief in her own book store. Akyuu refuses to follow her demands as she affirms Kosuzu is not acting as a proper thief.
  • Autumn Leaves (Minoriko & Shizuha) Judging
    • The Aki sisters run their own cooking show. They fail at making something simple.

Commercial Break: Hinanawi Peach Capsules (Alice & Marisa)



  • Suzu-kyuun♪ (Akyuu & Kosuzu)
    • Akyuu claims she has never lost a game of Statues. She refuses to admit her defeat when Kosuzu wins.
  • Bakusen NyanNyan (Seiga & Kasen) — WINNER
    • Seiga and Kasen enact their reactions as if they were to win the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix. Seiga forces Kasen to overreact.

Final Judging:


9th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 87)


Cover of the 9th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Mononobe no Futo, Byakuren, Shinmyoumaru, Raiko, Shikieiki
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Iku
Losers Bracket Studio: Wakasagihime
Prize: A year supply of sake and 10 million Yen




First Round:

  • Yuu-Ten Paradise (Yuuka & Tenshi)
    • Tenshi asks Yuuka to become a nicer person to appeal to their fans. They take it too far by acting yuri for them.
  • Drunken Miko-chu!☆ (Reimu & Suika)
    • Suika signs up to recite the player's pledge at Youkai Olympics. She invites Reimu to follow her speech, though she makes her say ridiculous things over and over.
  • Miko-koro Family (Toyosatomimi no Miko & Hata no Kokoro)
    • Miko suggests Kokoro should become a gourmet critic to improve her facial expressions. Kokoro acts harsh towards bad food, but Miko convinces her to lie about it so she can get paid a large ammount of money.
  • Choujuu Gigaku (Kyouko & Mystia)
    • Kyouko performs different situations to challenge Mystia's memory, but she is actually just trying to irritate her.
  • Amanojaku (Seija & "Nue")
    • Seija wants to get rid of the "strong ones" of Gensokyo and assassinate them all. Nue helps to practice the murders by transforming into various characters. However, an elaborate plot reveals...

Commercial Break: Mononobe Books + Pre-Finals (Futo & Tojiko)


  • Miko-koro Family (Railkill) (neoyasu93) (Miko & Kokoro)
    • Kokoro attends school and has Miko as her new teacher. Kokoro keeps spacing out and getting herself in trouble.
  • Choujuu Gigaku (Kyouko & Mystia) + Final Judging — WINNER
    • Kyouko says she wants to reincarnate in the outside world, but instead of reincarnating as a simple human, she wants to be a half-man half-animal to participate in contests.

10th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 89)


Cover of the 10th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Akyuu, Kasen, Mima, Kaguya, Sagume
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Suika
Losers Bracket Studio: Clownpiece
Prize: A three-night journey into the Dream World and 10 million Yen


First Round:

  • Za Maido (Sakuya & Koakuma)
    • Sakuya and Koakuma are eager to run their own business, however, they can't decide on how to divide their profits fairly. Their discussion somehow turns into some talk about Nintendo games.
  • Lunar Dango♪ (Seiran & Ringo)
    • Ringo demands Seiran to stop speaking in Hourai dialect. Seiran refuses.
  • MikoMiko Spark (Reimu & Marisa)
    • Marisa wants to perform a public execution as their manzai. Reimu convinces her to perform a scene in which Marisa does a good deed instead, but Marisa becomes violent because of Suika's sake.
  • GensoBBS (Sekibanki & Kagerou)
    • Kagerou complains about her poor relations with other Gensokyo residents. Sekibanki explain the reason of why this happens giving unrelated examples.
  • Vermin Love (Rumia & Wriggle)
    • Wriggle believes she's already a celebrity since she's appeared in all ten editions of the Grand Prix (at least at the losers' studio). Rumia acts as an overly attached fan of hers.


  • MikoMiko Spark (Reimu & Marisa) — WINNER
    • Marisa and Reimu are worried that her pervert fans will show up at the New Year's event. Marisa acts as one of those, but the skit has a twist as she becomes violent again.
  • Lunar Dango♪ (Seiran & Ringo)
    • Seiran and Ringo notice that heroic sci-fi isn't popular in Gensokyo. Seiran then plans to make a sci-fi TV show in Gensokyo starring Ringo as Sweater Moon.

11th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix (Comiket 91)


Cover of the 11th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Judges: Kagerou, Mamizou (in human form), Clownpiece, Remilia, Komachi
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Marisa
Losers Bracket Studio: Reimu
Prize: 10 「Starbow Break 」Spell Cards and 10 million Yen



First Round:

  • Flower Beat (Celeste) (Railkill) (Raiko & Yuuka)
    • Raiko and Yuuka decide to create a song to praise Gensokyo. However, Raiko's lyrics keep bringing up the worst of Gensokyo.
  • Yakumo Shiki (Yukari & Ran) Judging
    • Yukari wants to become a fortune-teller, but her fortune-telling only exposes Ran's embarrassing past, and later turns into complaints towards her shikigami.
  • Satori Koishi (Satori & Koishi)
    • Satori has become a dramatic artist and wants to enact a legendary battle as her favorite historical figure. Koishi keeps messing up her act with dirty jokes.
  • Purely Hell (Hecatia & Junko) Judging + Loser's Resurrection
    • Hecatia and Junko complain about their misrepresentation on their profiles at the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix website. Their conversation grows to an argument between them.
  • Hifuudou (Sumireko & Rinnosuke)
    • Sumireko acts as a telephone scammer to Rinnosuke, but she's being too obvious for him to worry about it.


  • Satori Koishi (Satori & Koishi)
    • Satori is worried about what kind of man Okuu might have got married to after the 6th Grand Prix. Koishi acts as the perfect son-in-law, with the exception that he is a murderer.
  • Hifuudou (Sumireko & Rinnosuke) — WINNER
    • (To Be Added)


In June 2013, R-Note announced on their site they were working on a remake of the 1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix, using their current animation style and voices.

The remake titled "1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix R" was released at Comiket 84 on August 12. The script was rewritten in some cases and it also includes new characters, like Yuuka in the jury table.

On July 12, 2014, the remake for the 2nd M-1 Grand Prix was announced to be released at Comiket 86. Just like its predecessor, this edition will have Yuuka as an extra judge.

1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix R (Comiket 84)


Cover of the 1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix R

Judges: Ran, Kaguya, Lily White, Yuuka, Shikieiki
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Aya
Prize: The Hourai Elixir

NOTE: All manzai follow the same script as the originals, although some of them are slightly different in some parts.




213001013818 b

Promotional poster

First Round:

  • Scarlet Mansion (Remilia & Flandre)
    • The Scarlet Devil Mansion gets on fire. Flandre guides Remilia to rescue Patchouli.
  • Yuyuko & Youmu (Yuyuko & Youmu)
    • It is Yuyuko's birthday and Youmu asks what kind of present she would like.
  • Border Girls (Reimu & Yukari)
    • Yukari affirms she knows everything about Reimu, except her full name.
  • Witch Doll (Marisa & Alice)
    • Alice wants to buy a new house. Marisa gives her some options.

Commercial Break: Alice's Kiri-chan Doll (Alice & Remilia)


  • Witch Doll (Marisa & Alice)
    • Alice plans to get married in the future, but Marisa won't let her go that easily.
  • Scarlet Mansion (Remilia, Flandre & Cirno) — WINNER
    • Flandre lets Cirno join their team as a tsukkomi. Both Remilia and Flandre are unsatisfied with her performance.

Final Judging:


2nd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix R (Comiket 86)


Cover of the 2nd Touhou M-1 Grand Prix R

Judges: Akyuu, Komachi, Flandre/Cirno, Yukari, Yuuka
Hosts: Rinnosuke, Keine
Prize: 100,000 Goku worth in the Human Village

NOTE: In this remake, the scripts are similar to the originals, but some have relevant changes to them.


Promotional poster



First Round:

  • TeiReisen (Tewi & Reisen)
    • Tewi and Reisen do a commercial for an energy drink, but Tewi is refusing to consume the product.
  • Yakumo Chen (Ran & Chen)
    • Ran runs a "Touhou Questions & Answers about everything" business. She trains Chen for the job.
  • Hourai Teruyo (Kaguya & Eirin)
    • Kaguya wants to get a job for the first time. Eirin helps her write a resumé.
  • Patchu Mirin (Patchouli, Meiling, Sakuya, Prince Fleaswallow & the manly voice from Flandre's auditions.)
    • Meiling helps Patchouli confess her feelings for Marisa by doing physical exercise.

Commercial Break: Nitori's Translator (Nitori & Lily White) + Pre Finals


  • Yakumo Chen (Ran & Chen) — WINNER
    • It's hibernation time for Yukari. Ran teaches Chen how to defend their home from noisy people.
  • TeiReisen (Tewi & Reisen) / (Kaguya & Mokou)
    • Tewi keeps keeping wild animals as pets and wants to show them to Reisen. / Mokou interrupts TeiReisen's skit to defy Kaguya. Kaguya tricks Mokou into thinking she's a special guest for her own "TV show".

Final Judging + Credits:

Bonus scene:

Audio CDs


Cover of Touhou M-1 Grand Prix ~Sound Collection~

On October 12th, 2014; R-Note released a music album featuring their vocal arranges used for the credit-rolls in all the editions of the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix.

The album is titled Touhou M-1 Grand Prix ~Sound Collection~

Likewise, on March 28, 2015, they released a compilation album with voice tracks from all M-1 GP editions so far. It is titled Touhou M-1 Grand Prix ~Voice Collection~

~Sound Collection~ Track list


Promotional poster of the album

1. 風を超えて~Flying~

2. 星色夜空

3. 9th Memory

4. My Dear ~For You~

5. Words Are

6. 君の手を引いて

7. Red Moonlight Septet

8. 君のための幻想歌

Notable Translators

  • dgreater1 translated most of the 1st and 2nd Grand Prix.
  • Furienify and a few others subtitled the 3rd, 4th and 5th Grand Prix.
  • Railkill subtitled the 6th and 7th Grand Prix, and has started subtitling the 11th.
  • Reppu Kiri subtitled the first half of the 8th Grand Prix, while Railkill concluded it.
  • neoyasu93 subtitled most the 9th Grand Prix, while Railkill also concluded it.
  • bonnet12341 subtitled the missing scenes of almost all previous editions, and also started subtitling some parts of the 1st M-1 Grand Prix R.
  • Celeste Melancholia subtitled most of the 1st and 2nd M-1 Grand Prix R, and some missing parts of previous editions. They also subtitled the 10th and 11th Grand Prix.
  • It is worth mentioning that some of these efforts have used the work of Japatirador, who has subtitled every Grand Prix in Portuguese.

Dubbed Videos

4th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Unsubbed Videos

11th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix

Fun Facts

  • Rinnosuke is the only character who has appeared in all editions, as a permanent host.
  • Shikieiki Yamaxanadu is the founder of the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix and the director of judges.
    • However, she only appears at the jury table once every two editions (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th). The 11th GP was her first abscence, and Komachi took her stead.
    • At the end of the 9th Grand Prix, she admitted that she will be competing again in the 12th Grand Prix, just like she did in the 6th.
  • Ran Yakumo, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Suika Ibuki and Marisa Kirisame are the only characters who have appeared as hosts, judges, and in manzai.
  • Marisa has done the most number of manzai: eight (not counting the one with the fake Marisa; the bonus one with Rinnosuke from the 4th GP; nor the ones from the remake of the 1st M-1 GP).
  • Marisa and Reimu have appeared doing manzai in the most number of editions: five each (1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 10th for Marisa and 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 10th for Reimu).
  • Marisa, Reimu, and Rinnosuke have changed partners more than once.
    • Marisa has been with Alice, Reimu and Rinnosuke;
    • Reimu with Yukari, Marisa and Suika;
    • Rinnosuke with Tewi, Marisa and Sumireko.
  • Tokamak Club (Utsuho & Rin) and MikoMiko Spark (Reimu & Marisa) are the only couples that have won two editions of the Grand Prix.
  • All characters from Mountain of Faith, Undefined Fantastic Object, and Imperishable Night have already participated in manzai.
    • The Ten Desires cast can be considered too; even though Yoshika has only appeared briefly in manzai from the 7th and 8th Grand Prix, and Mamizou faked to be Nue in the 9th Grand Prix
  • The Subterranean Animism cast is the one with the most number of winners: four (Utsuho, Rin, Parsee and Yuugi). Satori and Koishi also have participated in two final rounds.
  • MikoMiko Spark and Hifuudou have been the only resurrected losers who have won a Grand Prix.
  • TeiReisen have been the only couple to break the 10 minutes time limit.
  • In the 5th Grand Prix, Nue transformed in various characters: Reisen midway the TeiReisen manzai (you can tell by the different colors of her ears and you can see her silhouette when Tewi attacks her); Murasa that apppears during Nitori and Hina's manzai (you can see the different colour of the scarf); and Chen during the last judgings.
    • Likewise, the 9th Grand Prix saw Mamizou's first stage appearance, where she disguised as Nue in Amanojaku's manzai and revealed herself during the judgings
  • Amanojaku's manzai, specifically only Seija, has received the worst score ever by the judges: four zeros and a death sentence by Shikieiki.
  • In the 6th Grand Prix, the antenna placed on the TV which broadcasts Yorihime from the moon has the face of Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica printed on it.
  • In the 8th Grand Prix, Shou Toramaru appears wearing the shimenawa that Nazrin stole from Kanako gave her as a gift during the 5th Grand Prix, replacing the cloth she wears in her official profile. It is unknown whether this was made on purpose, or it was a mistake by the animators.
  • The name of the pairing consisting of Sakuya & Koakuma, "Za Maido", is an obvious reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's character Dio Brando, as his stand's name 'The World' is pronounced "Za Warudo" in Engrish.
  • Mima is the only character from the PC-98 era who has appeared at all.
  • Nitori, Hina, Tewi and Reimu are the only characters that have done manzai in two consecutive editions.
  • Yukari and Akyuu are the only characters who have been judges in two consecutive editions. Komachi can be considered too as she replaced Shikieiki in the 3rd Grand Prix.
  • All the characters from Mountain of Faith appeared in the 3rd Grand Prix.
    • All the characters from Subterranean Animism, appeared in the 4th Grand Prix.
    • All the characters from Undefined Fantastic Object appeared in the 5th Grand Prix.
    • All the characters from Ten Desires appeared in the 7th and 8th Grand Prix.
    • All the characters from Double Dealing Character appeared in the 9th Grand Prix.
  • The 7th Grand Prix was the very first edition that didn't feature any member of the Yakumo family (Yukari, Ran or Chen).
  • The 8th Grand Prix features the most number of characters doing manzai who are taken from Touhou mangas: four (Rinnosuke, Kasen, Akyuu and Kosuzu).
    • It is also the very first Grand Prix ever to feature two male characters doing manzai: Rinnosuke and Unzan (actually the only two Touhou male characters with official portraits).
  • Nitori, Hina, Okuu, Yuugi, and Mystia are the only winners of a Grand Prix that haven't appeared as judges or hosts yet.
  • Since the 1st Grand Prix, Lily White has been known for being speechless, communicating only with the chirping sound she makes in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Nitori invented a voice translator for her, using the voice of Hatsune Miku.
  • Marisa and Satori are the only characters who have appeared twice on the DVD cover of different editions of the Grand Prix.

Warai no Uzume no Mikoto

Image-8B47 4FAC1C2A

Warai Uzume no Mikoto's censored face.

Warai no Uzume no Mikoto, one of the judges for the 6th Grand Prix, is an original character, which is probably why her face is censored. She is the goddess of laughter and comedy, and she might be based in Ame no Uzume no Mikoto, just adding "Warai" to her name which means "laughter".

She has won several Lunarian M-1 Grand Prix, and she is also a judge for the preliminary rounds of the "Kingdom of Gods M-1 Grand Prix". She is seen in the credits roll of the 6th Grand Prix next to her partner, who is a man probably based on Sarutahiko Okami, Ame no Uzume's husband.

Warai uzume mikoto

Warai Uzume no Mikoto participating in the 108th Lunarian M-1 Grand Prix.

Go-Reisho Document

The Go-Reisho Document is a book written by the goddess of laughter herself. Whoever reads this book will gain as much skills for comedy as the gods.

Warning: Several spoilers below

During Kekkai Shoujou's judging in the 1st Grand Prix, Yukari asks Ran to get a human for her. At the end, Ran kidnaps Marisa for Yukari.

In the extra scene of the 2nd Grand Prix, Marisa reappears in front of Reimu. Marisa tells Reimu that she was able to steal the Go-Reisho Document, and that way, they would win the next Grand Prix easily.

Marisa officially comes back as Reimu's partner in the 3rd Grand Prix, however, Alice had used a fake doll Marisa as a replacement. When Alice sees the real Marisa coming, she explains herself saying that everyone had thought Marisa had been eaten by Yukari.

In the 6th Grand Prix, Warai Uzume, the goddess of laughter, appears as a judge, along with Yorihime and Yukari. The prize for this Grand Prix would be the Go-Reisho Document, which was won by Tokamak Club, but happened to be fake as Shikieiki's stated in an intermission. Then, Yorihime explained what really happened, just before Yukari fled:

Marisa exchanged the actual Go-Reisho Document for a fake one, the one that was used as the prize for the 6th Grand Prix. When Yukari kidnapped Marisa, she kept the actual Go-Reisho Document, erasing Marisa's memories. However, while nobody was at Yukari's house, Komachi had gone to get back the actual Document.

Shikieiki and Komachi, together as Binary Drop, then had to defend their property over the actual Go-Reisho Document in a final round against Tokamak Club, which they won with an unanimous decision by the judges.

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